UNISEXXXY: Winter Wishlist (Gift Guide)

UNISEXXXY: Winter Wishlist (Gift Guide)

We all want to indulge in the joy, fun and spirit of this time of year but, without fail, the holidays tend to bring on some unnecessary stress and pressure.

Packed calendars. Travel Plans. Family. Friends. Loved ones. It’s a lot. And then of course, all of the last-minute shopping and gift giving!! Picking just the right thing for those on your list is not an easy task…

So I’ve chosen to introduce my picks that will be universally loved by one and all.

Introducing… The Top 10 UNISEXXXY Holiday Gifts for 2013

Consider the gift that keeps on giving. Who wouldn’t want to receive a box in the mail each month with a variety of samples ranging from accessories to gadgets or fragrance. For only $20 a month ($120/year subscription), you will remind the person all year round how special he or she is to you!
For men and women, give the gift of warmth forever. From cottons to cashmere, from $20-70, wrap up your loved ones with a bit of luxury! It’s chic to dress it up for an extravagant night out with the finest coat OR with a pair of jeans and puffer jacket on a casual Sunday. Regardless of his/her style, this scarf will seal the deal!
3. This Comfy Combo
A terry robe (approximately $70)plus a pair of slippers ($100-$120)?! It’s the gift of soft plush comfort. Simply PERF anyday of the week, and most especially for your recurring Sunday SpaDayUGGs has branched out in a wide variety, offered to both him and her, and regardless of style or color, the comfort for your feet is unforgettable! (Trust me, the dogs won’t be barking!)
Everyone loves Rock ‘n’ Roll. And it’s not just music, it’s a lifestyle. These picks are so hot, they’re electric! Most bracelets run about $65-$75. Can’t beat that to feel like a rockstar! Mix and match your personal arm-party.

5. A Spritz of Glitz

Everyone wants to turn heads when they enter the room. Besides the outfit and accessories, one needs a fragrance to match their swag. Unisexxxy fragrance is a perfect holiday gift for anyone. Whether a stranger or close one, introducing a new scent as a gift (which they are bound to fall in love with)…you can’t go wrong! Secret Santa or gift-exchange games, anyone? Score!

6. Some Amazing Headphones 

Who isn’t sportin’ headphones these days, and in style too!?! Offered in FOUR fun colors, choose the one to match his or her personality! Bose offers the leading sound system from car stereos to movie theaters to surround sound. For the quality delivered plus the sleek and innovative design, anyone will soon find $135 a well spent investment.

7. At-home Spa Essentials
For any occasion, this is a winner! At-home = easy and convenient luxury. A small package of these will only run you $45. And men and women of all ages and skin types will love the special assortment. Purifying, detoxifying and purely invigorating. Skincare is essential and so it always falls as a UNISEXXX approved gift for any occassion!
8. A Burning Fire
Burning candles is aromatic, calming and brings you to equilibrium. Candles are always a UNISEXXX-approved and much-appreciated gift. A popular choice for winter is a cinnamon or gingerbread scent. You can also opt for full-year faves like white linen or lavendar. Find these at Michael’s for just $10-$20. For a more woodsy and earthy option, I suggest Achipelago. My pick this year is Winter Frost and the Joy candle.
We decorate our living room, bedroom and the rest of our home to showcase personality. And one’s personality comes through in personal touches. Offering a fun way to capture his or her identity, and for only $25-45, start with one of these cute accents. Fabulous – chic – simply PERF! Those are just some of the many comments I’m sure the recipient of this gift will share upon seeing fab new pillows!
Art is like fashion…can’t live without it! Bring a room to life with some unique art deco! Find pieces from as little as $28 or up to $120. Don’t be afraid to be creative and choose the one that strikes your eye most for those on your list.
So this year don’t be cliché or boring, and definitely ditch the gift cards! Spread love in practical, affordable, thoughtful, personal and universal ways?! What’s sexy is UNISEXXXY!

THE UNISEXXX® BRAND: a label stripped of all labels

UNISEXXXY: universal beauty fashion design lifestyle




  1. Jessica Angeles

    LOVE this post, Paul. I want all these gifts now!!!! 

  2. Lauren Cosenza

    Amazing picks!!! Unisexxxy indeed. Especially loving the pillows and the wall art. And obvi the Electric Picks stack as I’m rockin’ an arm-party most days of late.

    Happy holidays!!