Will Lash Extensions Make Your Lashes Fall Out?


It’s the weekend before the big trip (thanks SO much for the extensive in-flight tip sheet, I have it all ready, even the Sephora samples).  I wanted to get extensions on my lashes this weekend but my gf says her lashes fell out and so did her friend’s (from two diff places!)  Any tips?

Oh, and any tips on a girls first Brazilian would be greatly appreciated.  Wanted to keep that question under the radar ;-)

Could I function without you?  Not sure.



  1. Lauren Cosenza

    Hey lady!

    Ok…. so lash extensions…. yes, they are damaging to your natural lashes and many people I know have had breakage (more so than full lashes falling out — that I have never heard of from anyone directly). Imagine several lashes shorter than others. 

    Breakage can also occur with Latisse and Lumigan, which are prescription liquid lash lengtheners that really start to work after 4 weeks so not ideal for a trip a week away.

    Similar to nail wraps, silks and gels or hair extensions and weaves – these products can all weaken the natural base they cover.  

    Having said that, when done right, they really do look amazing. I mean with just lash extensions, you can wake up and throw on a little bronzer and a swipe of gloss, and you’re instantly a bombshell.

    So… this becomes a question of occasion, maintenance, time and budget (long lush lashes don’t come cheap!).

    Ask yourself these questions:

    Do you want them for a one-time occasion that you have to look HOTTER THAN HOT for? I.E. a cross-continental trip to see your boyfriend after many months apart!!! (Or… your wedding, a reunion, a photo shoot, etc.)

    Or, do you want them as part of your everyday life because you naturally have sparse, light lashes or straight, short lashes (or any other type of lashes you don’t deem desirable)?

    If it’s a one-time occasion like your trip and you don’t plan to maintain the lashes after, how upset would you be if after the trip as they started to grow out, some of your lashes broke a bit and then grew back?

    Or if it’s something you would like for the long haul, can you commit to the pricetag or time required for regular upkeep? The process is not short or cheap. And as with anything of this nature, I think you should pay a premium to go somewhere reputable and trusted.

    Consider these things and then make your decision! And of course, let us know!!

    NOTE: I have personally tested both Latisse and Lumigan but never lash extensions. I experienced minimal breakage. I naturally have long, dark lashes that I regularly amp up with mascara and, for special occiasions, falsies (which I think are an amazing and affordable alternative if you commit to learning how to apply them). And once a week if I remember, I put a drop of Latisse on before bed.


    (PS – for your first Brazilian, my tip is to sugar not wax!)

  2. Brenda Della Casa

    Thanks, LDiva!

    Well, suffice it to say that I got the memo a wee bit late on the Brazilian (thanks to an opening earlier than my appointment) and holy pain, Batgirl.  She was AMAZING, but he had better propose on stage at the Sydney Opera House after what I have been through with him.  I appreciate the full disclosure on the lashes.  I don’t want breakage (vanity is my sin) but I DO want bombshell in Oz (Vanity is my sin).  Decisions, decisions…

    I am grateful this site is international.  I’ll obviously have much to ask while across the…world.


  3. Lauren Cosenza

    Just a thought if you do choose to go for it, you can buy individual cluster lashes as a temporary fix if there is any breakage while those individual lashes grow back. You just add a touch of eyelash glue to the knot at the base of the cluster, let it dry for about 10 seconds (until the glue is tacky) and pop it in. XOLC

  4. Brenda Della Casa

    Can you please adopt me?