SHE’s Fit & Beautiful: 4 Products For Your Fitness Routine

SHE’s Fit & Beautiful: 4 Products For Your Fitness Routine

There’s nothing like the spring and summer months to motivate a girl to beautify and tone.

On April 28, I attended Style Hunt Events’ two-in-one demo event, SHE’S Fit! and SHE’s Beautiful! at Metropolitan West. More than two dozen companies showcased new products ranging anywhere from makeup to fake nails and vitamins to yogurt. There was even an amazing spread of healthy bites (which I totally took advantage of!).

Here are the top 4 fitness & health-related products that peaked my interest and that you can get your hands on now.

lark chatApp-solutely Tech

Lark Chat: Looking for some #fitspiration? This app may be it for you. Most of us who track our exercise regimens and diets have probably tried My Fitness Pal (and it definitely works for me). The difference with Lark Chat is that it’s able to track both workout and consumption in addition to actively conversing with you in real time. It’s like having a personal trainer in your phone. Pretty cool, right? For example, you can text or tell Lark what you ate and it will respond with tips. And, like the Fitbit, the app monitors your steps and sleep. The app is available for free in the app store for iPhone, the Apple Watch and Samsung. I’m definitely curious to see if logging meals with Lark Chat is faster than My Fitness Pal.Band-+-Features DashboardPivotal Living: The idea with the membership-based Pivotal Living wristband and app is you get the same benefits as the Fitbit (tracking steps, calories and sleep), but you pay $12 as opposed to $150. The price point in itself is enough to make me want to  give this device a try. There would be no harm to my wallet, or to my fitness regimen. While I haven’t personally tried the Fitbit, I’m definitely interested in what the more affordable (Pivotal Living) version can do for my health tracking needs. According to the press release, the wristband is able to collect information and send it to the app for real-time reporting.

siggis raspberryFit Treats

Siggi’s: I’m not a frequent yogurt eater, but I do indulge in the occasional Chobani or Fage treat. I have a feeling I’ll be indulging a lot more now that I discovered Icelandic brand, Siggi’s. At the event, I was immediately drawn to the booth’s simple and clean display But once I had a taste of the raspberry flavored skyr (aka yogurt), I was completely won over. It had a thick, full texture and a rich flavor, which is often a surprise in healthier foods. Siggi’s doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners or growth hormones – hence their slogan, “simple ingredients, not a lot of sugar.” It’s the perfect way to start your day or satisfy your hunger with a healthy but tasty option.

viactiv-prod-shot-rotation-sfViactiv: It appears that vitamin chocolates are a thing now. I sampled two different brands of chocolate vitamins at the event (that has to mean something, right?) Call me crazy, but I’m usually not a huge fan of chocolate. However, I was simply amazed by how yummy the Viactiv chews were. They contain calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin K. Plus, you get to eat two chews a day to total your daily calcium value.  It’s a win, win! There are three flavors: caramel, milk chocolate and sugar-free chocolate (I tried the milk chocolate and now take it daily without hesitation).

Will you be adding any of these products to your daily routine? Hello, bikini season!

– Michelle

Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own.