Photo: Erin Yamagata

To close out NYFW’s SS14 Season, we were able to catch celeb stylist Cesar Ramirez in action creating this earthy, textured updo for VOZ. The look spoke to rough elegance – two words that rarely live side by side. 

The story and philosophy of VOZ is both fascinating and far more substantive than your average fashion line. Described as “collarborative, ethical design that empowers indigenous women and their craft”, Voz offers “hand-made garments featuring premium quality natural and ecological fibers, hand dyed and woven to celebrate ancient traditions.” 

Cesar drew inspiration from that platform and created his own meaningful and thoughtful art through his beautiful styling. “This collection is very special because it is very much about the brand’s origin story. They wanted to capture the Pacific Ocean, the nature and the powerful land around that ocean. The first thing that came to mind was this journey, the intricate weaves of the Mapuche, Aymara and Southern Indian Weavers, and the journey the collection itself needs to make to be made. The story and ethos of the brand is absolutely inspiring. I wanted to capture that same feeling with the hair, almost recreate the fibers and the fabrics that gave the collection life.”

This hair did the seemingly impossible job of balancing glamour with nature. It not only complemented the collection but reinforced the brand’s message of showcasing beauty through fabric and texture.

In 5 quick questions, we got Cesar to dish a little more…

Photo: Erin Yamagata

How do you bridge the seemingly contrasting themes of indigenous craftsmanship and modernity in a single hairstyle?

By combining a classic shape with edgy textures and an intricate structure. Also the products add a cool element.

What products were essential in creating the VOZ hair look?

I used the Davines No. 14 Sea Salt Primer spray to prep the hair, which created a thick fabric feel to the hair. The No. 3 Universal Mattering Mousse gave it the gritty lived-in finish.

If you had to give the look a name, what would you call it?

INTRICATE FIBER – It’s a ropy, woven updo – with a slight dirty gritty feeling.

Photo: Erin Yamagata

Is there anything you consider in addition to the clothing in the collection itself when creating runway looks? Trends or other influences?

Besides the fabrics and shapes in a collection, I like to consider the style of the brand, who is the woman that is wearing the brand, and that it’s a modern innovative hair style. I try to create what hasn’t been done if I can, considering everything has been done.

After fashion week, is your creativity tapped? What do you do to recharge?

By the last show, everything about me is tapped. Thank God for the amazing creative team of hairstylists that support me and work with me during the season. I push myself for them and to keep them inspired, and they keep me inspired. After its all done, I spend time with close friends and family to help me ground.

Photo: Erin Yamagata