DIVA DISH: Up Up And Away

DIVA DISH: Up Up And Away

Big hair. It’s no longer just for Texan beauties.

I was sent the TruHair Teasease comb to test and in a two-word assessment: It works.

But I wasn’t exactly sure how at first. So we did a little internet browsing and came upon THIS. Scroll down to right below the main product shot and click VIDEO for the demonstration. It’s kind of like Backcombing for Dummies, with a tool that won’t damage your hair.

A few thoughts on this simple product that delivers on its promise…

It’s EASY. It’s a double-ended comb. You use the pick side to part hair, or section and lift hair. You use the comb side to create height through backcombing. 

It’s (relatively) GENTLE. As compared to other combs, it’s really doesn’t break the hair or create a matted mess that you can’t later uncomb. This is said to be due to its rubber construction.

It’s UNIVERSAL. If you have an awesome head of hair, it will only make it awesomer. If you have fine or lifeless hair, it may be a game-changer. (As you see in the video, it works well for women and men of all ages. No 16-year-old models on that set.)

It’s AFFORDABLE. Why get a professional blowout when you can tease your tresses on the cheap? For $22.50, you get two combs plus a finishing spray. I leave one comb at home and toss the other in my purse. You could also split the cost by ordering with a friend, making it close to 10 bucks each.

It WORKS. Coming full circle, you really do get big hair. I’m talkin’ lift AND volume. After spraying it (I personally use my own hairspray since I’m addicted to its scent), it’s locked in place and requires minimal touching up.


Note: This post is not sponsored. Samples were provided for review.