A Perfect Finish: Cezanne Introduces Formaldehyde-Free Keratin Treatment

A Perfect Finish: Cezanne Introduces Formaldehyde-Free Keratin Treatment

If there’s anyone who can give us the scoop on smoothing treatments, it’s Meghan Springmeyer (who has tested Redken Shape Control permanent retexturizing and Julien Farel’s Zero Frizz Quickie keratin technology).

In an effort to maintain soft, straight locks, naturally-curly-haired Meghan dropped by Butterfly Studio to try the formaldehyde-free Cezanne Perfect Finish Keratin Smoothing Treatment. Prior to the treatment, she described her hair as “frizzy around the hairline.” She was looking to achieve smoother tresses and less frizz.

So what makes this treatment special?

It incorporates sericin (a silk protein), botanical extracts and vitamins. It can be done on top of any treatment. You can color or shampoo hair immediately after. And like Julien Farel’s and Redken’s formulas, Cezanne is formaldehyde-free.

The Fine Print

  • PURPOSE: Aims to smooth, restore natural shine and strengthen hair
  • COST: $350 to 450, depending on the length and density of the hair
  • TIME: Two to two and a half hour process
  • DURATION: Lasts for months

The Steps

Shampoo: Colorist Maisha Cogle began Meghan’s treatment with the Clarifying Shampoo by Cezanne. The process requires two to three shampoos for non-color-treated hair or “virgin” hair, like Meghan’s.

Dry: Cogle gently dabbed Meghan’s hair with a towel and followed it with a rough blow dry.

Application: Hair was parted into sections, and Perfect Finish Keratin Smoothing Treatment was applied from root to tip and combed through. The application itself takes 15 to 30 minutes depending on the length of hair and an additional 30 minutes to process.

“The protein goes in and strengthens the hair. It will be easy to blow dry and shinier.” Cogle explained.

Rinse: The majority of the product is washed out, however it’s necessary to leave a small portion of the product in the hair to ensure results.

Blow Dry: A full blowout was administered with a brush.

Flat Iron: Meghan’s locks were then straightened with a flat iron to seal the treatment into the hair.

At this point, we saw that Meghan’s hair was much softer to the touch and visibly shinier. According to Cogle, the true result of soft and shiny hair is revealed the next time the hair is washed. In Meghan’s case, she had it shampooed immediately after treatment. Her hair looked gorge!


Between the three smoothing treatments, Redken’s is the only one that provides permanent results (and isn’t keratin). However, Meghan did note differences between the two keratin treatments.

“The results are very similar,” Meghan said, “but I would say that the Cezanne results are a little bit more noticeable than the Julien Farel Quickie. Both significantly reduced frizz and added shine – the Cezanne just a little more so.”

Though Meghan felt Cezanne’s treatment was more powerful, she said it’s hard to say which one she prefers. “I loved the results of both, but the Cezanne is very expensive for only lasting a few months, so that may be enough to steer me in the direction of the Julien Farel treatment.”

The Cezanne treatment is $350-450, can last for months and takes up to two and a half hours, as compared to $200 for Julien Farel’s, which lasts for up to two months and takes 45 minutes.

The Results

Since the treatment two weeks ago, Meghan’s hair is straighter, shinier and much easier to blow dry, as Cogle assured it would be. Meghan also noticed her dry time decreased. Additionally, she has followed-up with Cezanne shampoo, conditioner and styling products (including a zero-sulfate formula designed for a longer-lasting treatment).

To find out the about the longevity of Cezanne’s treatment, stay tuned…

We’ll check back in with Meghan after a few months to find out how the whole experience went. I think we can all agree that her hair looks beautiful!

– Michelle Weiss

Note: This post is not sponsored. Service was provided complimentary for review.


  1. Lauren Cosenza

    I’ve been wearing my hair REAL big and curly lately but this supersleek, supershiny look on Miss Megs is kind of AMAZING!!! Loves it. XOLC

  2. Michelle Weiss

    Her hair looks great- would never have guessed she ever had curly locks!

    • Jenna

      I’ve heard about keratin treatment. I didn’t know that it looks so good. I’ve learned a lot from this article.

  3. Jenna

    Such a huge difference the way her hair looks! I will have to try this treatment and it does look amazing.