Chaise-ing Fitness: The Cardio Chair

Chaise-ing Fitness: The Cardio Chair

Photo credit: ChaiseFitness

‘Tis the season to be jolly – and fit.

We all know the holidays can bring us all sorts of cheer – and maybe a few extra pounds! Whether this means indulging in your favorite cookies or those delicious holiday meals with your family, staying in shape (or getting started) is a common goal for many of us going into 2015.

I, for one, am adding getting fit to my New Year’s Resolutions list. To get the ball rolling, I started with a fitness class instead of hitting the gym. As a dancer, group classes are more in my wheelhouse.

ChaiseFitness is founded by mother-daughter pair, Lauren Piskin (mother), a competitive figure skater with more than 30 years of Pilates and aerobics expertise, and Rachel Piskin (daughter), a ballet dancer of 20 years.

“I was dancing as a member of the New York City Ballet as a corps de ballet member and suddenly my endocrine system shut down,” Rachel said, “causing me to gain 30 pounds and forcing me to leave the ballet.”

I have to admit, while Rachel’s reason for leaving ballet isn’t the same as mine, I remember what it’s like to quit doing something you love. For that reason, I couldn’t wait to see what the Reinvention Method had to offer. Considering I haven’t danced (regularly) in years, it made sense that I start with something inspired by an old passion.

The Class

Cardio Chair – the class that kicks butt! But, really. I was expecting to break a sweat and burn a few calories – but I ended up underestimating just how intense the workout would be. Here’s how the 55-minute Cardio Chair works (as explained by Rachel):

  • It’s designed around five cardio aerobic intervals using an overhead bungee system and a resistance pedal.
  • There are five strength-focused chair intervals spread throughout the workout.

And the benefits?

  • It’s a full-body workout.
  • It activates all the muscles in the body.
  • It raises the heart rate.
  • It blasts calories.
  • It sculpts and lengthens the body.
  • It improves coordination and core strength.
  • It improves posture.

The Atmosphere

The setup of the class allows you to be in total control of your movements – and somehow the harder I pushed myself, the better I felt. The workout is also accompanied by up-tempo music, which really helps with keeping up with the reps.

I felt a sense of independence – even in a group setting. I brought my friend Clare along, too,which made the class much more fun and motivating!

The Result

Needless to say, I was exhausted after class – yet energized (is that even possible!?). And my soreness the next day didn’t even deter me from wanting to do more cardio-based workouts. This is all due to how good I felt after Cardio Chair (not just physically, but mentally). Talk about a major stress-reliever! I’m already looking up more must-try classes in the city.

I recommend Cardio Chair to anyone looking for a cardio-packed, high-energy workout (click here for price info). I can’t think of a better way to burn off inevitable calories that get packed on during the holidays (for some of us). Luckily, Rachel also has tips for this.

“I think your mindset is important when it comes to the holidays. Treat yourself. Don’t overeat in excess just because it is the holidays with the idea that you will start new in the New Year,” Rachel suggests. “Staying consistent with your workout and your eating habits will help you make better choices throughout the holidays and into the New Year.”

I can cheers to that!


Photo credit: ChaiseFitness

Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. Complimentary class was provided for review.


  1. Lauren Cosenza

    Good stuff, Michelle! As someone with a foot injury since mid-October, I cannot wait to work and sweat my ass off again :) #JELLY


  2. Michelle Weiss

    Ah! I hope it gets better soon. I sprained my ankle many years ago and felt so deprived of my regular activities! (So I totally feel for you)