Get Cyc-ed: Pedal Party

Get Cyc-ed: Pedal Party

I’ve been living in New York for nearly a year and a half and this is the first time I’ve tried a spinning class. I know – crazy (considering it’s practically a rite of passage in this city). In a nutshell, Cyc was quite the partaaayyy!

What I expected:
An intense workout with awesome music.

What I got:
An energized, full-body workout and entertainment. I think of Cyc as a nightclub with bikes thrown in (DJ and performer included – aka the cycologist). Literally. Just look at these photos:

Photo credit: Allan Maldonado

Cool, right? This class immediately gives you the impression of a fun atmosphere when you walk in – complete with club lighting and heart-thumping beats. Come to this class and expect to SWEAT and never stop moving.

“The Cyc method combines strength training and cardio, so our riders are working the whole body, the whole time,” said Alexandra Blodgett, founding partner of Cyc. “About half of the 45-minute ride uses sand weights on the bike. Our cycologists lead you through different sports movements such as boxing, rowing and swimming.” She added that this targets abs, arms and shoulders.

“This interval training really torches calories and tones every inch of you.”

Alex explained that the Cyc method was created because New Yorkers are busy. “We saw a  need for a highly efficient 45-minute ride that included cardio and strength training in one.”

“Also, I was going broke spinning at other studios. Our co-founder and CEO, Stephen Nitkin, figured out a way to co-locate with David Barton Gym so we could keep our costs down and pass the savings to our riders. Our rates start at about $10 less per ride than the average boutique studio in New York. Riders also get free access to the gym before and after they ride.”

[Click HERE for studio pricing and info for all four US locations: Atlanta, Austin, Madison and New York City.]

Keoni and I post-ride

Cyc is a spinning method created by trainer and sponsored Under Armour athlete  Keoni Hudoba. I had the pleasure of taking class with him and was impressed not only with his teaching style, but how well his energy translated to the class.

If you think it’s impossible to teach, dance, sing and spin all at the same time, think again. Keoni managed to do all of this while constantly encouraging the class throughout the workout. I felt energized the whole time.

The cherry on top was toward the end of the workout. Keoni banged on some drums to the beat of the music. Not going to lie – it was pretty epic. To keep the motivation going, Keoni walked us through every step and had us visualize going up a hill in order to make it to the top.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys a social and interactive workout, while still keeping in complete control of your body, Cyc is worth a try. I left class feeling like every part of my body was sore. Now that’s progress.

– Michelle

Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. Complimentary class was provided for review.


  1. Lauren Cosenza

    I only wish there was Cyc in BK. Would love to try it!!! And save some money (in contrast to the per class cost I currently pay!). 


  2. Michelle Weiss

    I definitely need to go back! (It’s close to the trains at least – you should try :))

  3. Jessica Angeles

    STOP. This looks/sounds even cooler than SoulCycle. And it’s actually affordable! I’m so in love with spin that I was literally on the verge of purchasing a package at SoulCycle, but if this is cheaper I’m in!

  4. Kate Pangilinan

    SoulCycle and spin classes make me want to punch someone (so not good at being told what to do in the midst of sweaty, strenuous activity) so I can’t believe I’m saying this… but I am so down to get Cyc’d!! This looks so fun!