InternDIVA: Feeling Zen with LING Skincare’s Green Tea Massage & Bath Oil

InternDIVA: Feeling Zen with LING Skincare’s Green Tea Massage & Bath Oil

DIVA CONFESSION: One of my biggest flaws is not knowing when to slow down and take a break from my daily grind. While school and an internship are two things I have juggled throughout half of my college career, the stress of finishing strong in my last semester this Fall has been especially rough on me. But I’ve also learned that although I like to think that I can do everything, it’s actually physically impossible. Without setting aside “me time”, it’s really easy to feel burnt out to the point that “everything” doesn’t feel so possible anymore.

For the past month, I’ve finally made efforts to change my ways. This includes going invisible on G-Chat after 10PM and not responding to emails until I get into the office the next morning. And instead, doing mini-facials with my latest fav, Nugg, while catching up on How To Get Away With Murder. I can’t even tell you what a change those 2 hours of off-switching from work have brought to my life. SERIOUSLY.

So that’s why LDiva coincidentally came in at the perfect time, suggesting I test LING Skincare’s Green Tea Massage and Bath Oil in feeLING Protected for the site. TBH, I’ve never tried or owned a massage oil before, however it must have been fate that would now change my new routine.


First and foremost, can we highlight the fact that the primary ingredient in this product is organic green tea oil?! I’m sure we are all familiar with the here-to-stay green tea craze and its game-changing benefits, but green tea for SKIN? This made me 10X more excited to try the oil out and feed my skin with antioxidants!

So here’s the 101 breakdown of why I grew to love this massage + bath oil –

  • The eucalyptus and juniper oils give off a very strong aromatherapeutic scent. I wish I could smell it forevahhh. The scent isn’t just super pleasing to wear but it also actually helps to clear up my nasal passages, and for that matter I like to apply the oil around the bridge of my nose and under my nostrils.
  • The ingredients are organic and natural. Along with eucalyptus, juniper, and green tea, this product is also packed with sassflower, sunflower, castor and lemon oils, which all have benefits of their own. It’s been a slow transition for me, but I try to stick to more natural habits, whether it’s eating organic/gluten-free foods, using at-home sickness remedies, or even just applying the bare minimum of makeup everyday. I really appreciate that this product is certified organic.
  • My relaxation time actually feels legit. The way I like to use this oil is applying it right after I jump out of the shower, specifically massaging it onto my legs and my temples/eyebags/browbone/nostrils. I almost feel the oil infiltrating my body and allowing me to de-stress, and sometimes it even make me feel sleepy. Ultimately, it gives me this sense of real comfort, which is verrrry rare when I’m always on-the-go and constantly thinking “What if I don’t respond to this email in time?”
  • Two words: green tea. (Duh!)  I’m such a strong believer in green tea, just because I feel SO cleansed when I drink it. I mean, I’m sure we’ve heard it all – from weight loss to reducing puffy eyes to boosting your immunity – it’s obvi green tea does some good to our bodies. In this case, it helps to moisturize, tone and protect your skin.

I also love that LING Skincare offers an entire line of Green Tea Massage and Bath Oils that serve different emotional states (i.e. feeLING Uplifted and feeLING Beautiful). For a 4 FL. OZ bottle, these guys are priced at $40. Well worth it!



Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. All photos are my own. Sample was provided for review.

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  1. Lauren Cosenza

    So happy this product, paired with some me-time, worked wonders for you!!