Daily Diva: GoldenEye

Daily Diva: GoldenEye

Few things I love more than gold loose pigments on an olive-skinned beauty…

For this lovely look, I pressed crushed pigment onto CB’s lids from MAC’s Surf the Ocean limited edition collection, which of course you can’t get anymore. (As Robert Frost promised, nothing gold can stay.) But really any bright gold will do. 

Then anchor the antique gold with blacks and browns in the crease and outer corner. I used MAC Carbon and Brun.

Finally load up on the black liner and mascara. Pop on some blush. And paint on a nude lip.

As CB and I always say, done and dusted!



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    I absolutely love golds. I use Estee Lauder’s 2012 Bronze Goddess 5-shade palette almost every day. It was limited edition so I even have a backup stashed away for when I run low on the original! I need to try the crushed pigment. Great tip!

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    Love the gold!!

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    Gorgeous!  Lashes- amazing!