DAILY DIVA: Mermaid Eyes

DAILY DIVA: Mermaid Eyes

When I first opened the latest Too Faced Summer Eyes palette, it reminded me of sunset over a turquoise ocean and sandy shore. The shades were gorgeous, and their shimmery finish less sparkly than reflective – like sunlight bouncing back. I couldn’t wait to play with it. My friends at Daily Glow had given it to me to test for their Beauty 365 column and I just needed the right subject. 

Rewind to a month or so earlier, when I messaged DIVAlicious Member Diana LoPiccolo at random to see if she would be interested in coming to my beauty studio for a reader makeover. She enthusiastically agreed and after some scheduling, walked through my door without a stitch of makeup. When I immediately saw her natural radiance and coloring, I knew she would be the one. 

As a (hot!) mom who loves makeup, I knew Diana wouldn’t be afraid of color but at the same time I wanted the shades to look more chic than candy-coated on her. To read as sophisticated.

I started off with a base of Sunbeam mixed with Peach Fuzz over the whole lid, with emphasis on the browbone and inner corner for added highlight. To create natural-looking depth, I layered Coral Crush mixed with Toasted Coconut and swept it through the crease. I then patted on Cocoa Beach from the lashline to the crease on the outer half only. And in the very outer corner, pressed Chocolate Sun over it. I ran whatever was left on my brush along the lower lashline. At the midway point of the application, the eye looked like this: 

I then took the obvious hero-shade in the palette by loading my brush with Mermaid. I layered it over the pastels and neutrals to give a modern hint of teal. I went back and forth blending the shades keeping the green mostly in the center of the lid and the browns surrounding it in the crease, along the lashline and at the outer corner.

To finish, I added black liner and mascara to further enhance Diana’s eyes.

Of course, this sexy eye and that fresh skin (created with sheer foundation, super-subtle contour, liquid highlighter and cream blush) longed for a power lip. So I custom blended a lipliner and lipstick to whip up this punchy pink. As with the eyes, I left the brighter shade peeking out in the center for dimension.

Diana, without flash

Diana, with flash

One word: SMOKESHOW!! 

Note: This post is not sponsored. Samples were provided for review and/or for my use as a professional makeup artist.


  1. Michelle Weiss

    What a great look! Love all the makeup.

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    What a great look! Love all the makeup.

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    Love it!!!

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    Love it!!!