DIVA DOES… Bump Watch

DIVA DOES… Bump Watch

Went shopping today in LA with my prego girlfriend Lucy.

She’s due in January and it’s right about the time for new (read: bigger) bras and some maternity clothing. We popped into Pea in a Pod for both.

While she was in the dressing room, I caught a glimpse of a strange, hanging velcro contraption.


Who knew these things existed??!

Of course, they are for expectant moms to see what they should buy now to fit in later but I couldn’t resist…


I was fascinated by every angle…

I made Lucy pose with me and asked a sales associate to take our pic. She kept complimenting us for being ”two hot moms” shopping together. I couldn’t believe the strap-on stomach faked out even a store employee!

So here we are — Faux & Fo Real. Belly bonding :)