DIVA DOES… Fun Fearless Life with Cosmopolitan

DIVA DOES… Fun Fearless Life with Cosmopolitan

I was recently interviewed by Cosmopolitan for their new Fun Fearless Life platform.

Having absolutely no control over how my words would be used or how my photos would be taken, you could say the experience was, quite fittingly, a bit of a study in fearlessness for me. (Eeeek!) Can you say #controlfreak??

Turns out the interview with journalist Darla Murray was more like chatting with a friend. She’s definitely a pro and just fun to talk to. I kind of wish we had reason to chat more. The photo portion, as intern Kelsey can attest, was a little more… awkward. Not gonna lie, trying not to pose while actually posing and hoping you look good in the two shots that will be chosen for millions to see is, you know, kind of not the most fun. But the photographer also ended up being someone Kelsey and I chatted with for a bit after and we honestly could have hung with her all afternoon too.

Still – you never know how these things turn out til they’re out. And there’s always that thing you wish you had further clarified or say, that belt you wished you’d tightened for the pics. You know, you just have to go on faith and try to forget about it until it’s live.

Well, divas, divos, contributors, members, readers, friends and mom — it’s live and it’s here!! 10 Ways To Reach Your Definition of Success. Let me know what you think… unless you think it’s god-awful and then maybe just say nothing ;)


Lauren Cosenza - Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist

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    this is amazing!! SO proud <3!! 

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    this is amazing!! SO proud <3!!