InternDiva: Makeup Bag Must-Haves!

InternDiva: Makeup Bag Must-Haves!

  I don’t know what I would do without my makeup bag! It holds all my beloved go-to makeup products and divas, these are products you should have in your makeup bag too ! 

My brows are very precious to me. I always want them to look good even when the rest of me might not look so great. Brows really refine your look– if your brows look good then you look good! So I treasure my bareMinerals Frame and Define brow duo. This brow pencil only comes in two colors, universal light and universal dark. I use the universal dark because I have dark brow hairs. This brow pencil gets the job done and it’s easy. It gives me natural looking brows with just a few strokes. This pencil is also awesome for the fact that it comes with a spooly brush on the end so you can keep those brow hairs in place. 
Trust me when I say I’ve been in a lot of concealer relationships but none of them worked out until I met my new #bae NARS. He treats me so well and I can see us together forever! Ok, seriously, best concealer EVER! My NARS cream stick concealer covers dark circles and blemishes so well. I have never before found a concealer that matched my skin tone to perfection. The best part about this concealer is that even when I don’t set it with a powder, it will still last all day. If your concealer bae is not making you happy, breakup! Divas, life is too short to not have smooth creamy concealer that gives you flawless coverage. 

I don’t know about you divas, but I like to keep my skin glowing all year, not just during the summer. I use my M.A.C Improper Copper to keep up the glow. This product is a cream color base that has a lot of versatility.  It can be used anywhere on your skin, even on your lips. This product is so easy to use.  No brush is required for the look! I just rub my fingers into the product and tap it onto the top of my cheek bones. 

I have combination skin, so I’m dry in some areas and oily in others. I get oily mainly on my nose. The natural oil on your skin can make your face look very healthy. Most recently I’ve been trying to go for a luminous look versus matte. I have been trying to embrace the natural oil my skin produces rather than getting rid of it. Well, I can embrace it for only a little while until the shine starts to become too much. So, to solve this problem, I keep blotting sheets in my makeup bag. I got these sheets from Qosmedix for only a $1.00 for 100 sheets! 

These products are amazing and I had to share. I hope you will treat yourself(and your makeup bag) to some new goodies! 

See you soon, divas!


Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. All photos are my own.


  1. Lexi Dietrich

    Ahh I love the Nars stick concealer!! Lovely article Trish! :)

  2. Trishorn Plummer

    Thanks Lexi ! 


    I am so excited to see this concealer! I too find it difficult to find a reliable one. I love YSL Touche Eclat, but I like to find new products so no piece of me gets too accustom to products. I can’t wait to test the Nars!

    I’ll let you know what I think :)


  4. Trishorn Plummer

    Yes, let me know how it goes because I swear by this concealer ! 

  5. 3nzsbvg3p20c0

    I really need to get those sheets!!! Thanks for telling us about where to get that I have been searching for them in stores for a while :)

  6. Lauren Cosenza

    Love me a Cream Color Base too, Trish!! I have tons in my pro kit. Such a useful and beautiful mutli-tasker!! I live for Pearl, Luna, Hush, Virgin Isle, Tickled Pink, Dusk, Midtone Sepia (my original go-to cream contour product)… and on and on…


  7. Trishorn Plummer

    Those colors look amazing! can’t wait for our makeup date so I can try out some new  colors :)