DIVA DOES… Happy Birthday Redken Shades EQ!

DIVA DOES…  Happy Birthday Redken Shades EQ!

Redken’s #1 haircolor brand, Shades EQ, turns 25 this September and what better way to celebrate than a color party with celebrity colorist and Redken’s Creative Consultant for Color, Tracey Cunningham.

Cunningham’s A-list roster of clients includes Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Nicole Richie, Diane Kruger, Emily Blunt and more. So, even as a dye-shy beauty girl, I knew I’d be in (real) good hands.

Upon arriving at the L’Oreal Testing Center that houses Redken in the west village, I still had a few teeeeeny tiny concerns…

1. I have a pretty healthy mane of hair and I’m not yet at the point where I need to dye my whole head. So I’d rather keep it in it’s natural shiny, smooth condition than over-processed and fried. I winced at the idea of having dry, damaged hair.

2. I have long, dark, brown hair. Which I like. I wanted something fresh and different but worried about it looking unnatural.

Well, I was instantly comforted on point #1 when I learned about Shades EQ’s identity crisis…

“Shades EQ is a haircolor that thinks it’s a conditioner! I am a firm believer in maintaining healthy hair while coloring, which is why I use Shades EQ on all my clients.” – Tracey Cunningham

I’m all for conditioning and hey – if it’s good enough for Hollywood’s hottest, I’ll take it!

As for point #2, Tracey spends a lot of time really listening to her clients and while demi-permanent Shades EQ can be used in a very fashion-forward way (think Christina Hendricks ruby red or extreme ombré), it can also impart a simple and natural enhancement. Whichever end you lean towards, it leaves your locks with a gorgeous shine.

I wound up perfectly in the middle. With lighter brown ombré on my ends plus several lighter brown strands throughout all the way up to my mostly-still-chocolate crown. It was a subtle change but, at the same time, really livened up my look.

What do you think??!

To find your perfect SHADES, click HERE for a Redken salon near you!


Note: This post is not sponsored. Service was provided for review.


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