DIVA DOES… highlights…underlights…peekaboo-lights??

DIVA DOES… highlights…underlights…peekaboo-lights??

Announcement!!! I got highlights… although they’re more like underlights… or maybe peekaboo lights. They are some sort of lights. And these air-dry pics don’t even do them justice. But I love them.

The backstory: I wanted a change for summer. I did not want straight-up ombre (a more obvious choice for brunettes desiring change) and I also didn’t want anything too high-maintenance. (Regular trips to the salon for touch-ups? No thanks.)

The key player: Hair Colorist Rachel Bodt from Cutler Soho.

The recommendation: Rather than traditional highlights that frame the crown (a big departure from a base of dark chocolate with potential to grow out as unsightly roots), Rachel chose strands from underneath my top layers to pop in shades of lighter brown and honey. We also added a few select pieces around the face to tie everything together. Sort of a continuation of the direction I had started going in but much brighter and much more of a statement.

The feedback: So far everyone is super into it. Even those who suggested I stick with my dark locks. And I personally think it’s really fun for a seasonal change. Plus it looks adorable when my hair is up in a bun because you can really see all the different shades. 

What do you think?? 



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  1. Rose Cosenza

    It softens in a subtle way.  Love it!!!!

  2. 1s64c6tyn5njy

    It softens in a subtle way.  Love it!!!!

  3. Lauren Cosenza

    As the most fearless hair person I have ever known when it comes to both color and style, this compliment means a lot :)

    PS. The pics here read a touch reddish although in real life it’s not as warm/brassy. Very curious if it will play nice with the sun…


  4. 18tw57onofye1

    Love it, really beautiful and it frames your face.

  5. Lauren Cosenza

    Thank you Rachael!!