DIVA DOES… Masked Crusader

DIVA DOES… Masked Crusader

Erotic romance writer Chloe Thurlow brilliantly noted, “A mask is not to disguise who you are but to show who you really are.” And what is true for S&M and sex clubs, my divas, is true for skincare.

We mask to reveal — not hide — our skin, in its best and brightest condition. Because while our love for cosmetically-carved contours and pretty pouts and smoldering eyes will never end, the ultimate goal is the #flawless face worthy of the #nomakeup #nofilter #selfie.

I definitely play favorites when it comes to masks and depending on my desired benefit, I switch it up on the regular.

I even do a little mask cocktailing, which is not drinking while masking (although I admittedly do that too on the occasional Girls Night In) but rather applying different masks for different areas of the face that have different needs.

On this particular day, I wanted to deep clean and shrink my pores as well firm and brighten my skin. I also wanted instant results. So I picked out Boscia’s Luminizing Black Mask from the arsenal in my medicine chest. It is a full peel-off mask packed with minerals that detoxifies, purifies and brightens. The Luminizing Black Mask contains Vitamin C (to brighten), Witch Hazel (to clean out and tighten pores and firm skin) and Calcium Montmorillonite Clay (with 67 minerals that eliminate oil and toxins, exfoliate dead skin, sooth and condition).

You generously apply it to clean, dry skin, avoiding eyes and lips as well as the hair line and brows (otherwise, if stuck in hair, it WILL pinch upon removal and potentially pull out hair – remember it dries as a full sheet that you lift in one piece if you apply the product correctly). You leave it on for 15-20 minutes (I don’t even have to clock it anymore, you’ll feel when it’s completely dry and your face is super tight). Then you carefully peel it off and apply your skincare routine. This particular mask is advised 1-2x per week but I do it about 1x per month or every other month given all the masks I test for the blog and also my other faves which I alternate regularly.

Removing this mask is always a small joy. As my boyfriend says, it’s like being batman. Juuuuuust what I was thinkin’ ;)

Anyhooooo, my friend Mariel recently came over for a little workout and sauna time and afterwards asked what I’d been playing with lately in terms of skincare. I showed her these pics and she had to try it out herself before dinner with her future in-laws. (Mariel’s getting married this September.)

She initially started with a thin application, being mindful of my supply, but I insisted she pack on a serious  layer as that is how it best works (best for pulling out impurities and best for pulling off in a clean, single sheet).


Awesome, that is, until Mariel gets a text that her fiancé Alex is already en route and close by to pick her up for the dinner.

Ummmm. Shit.

Well, she did what any mask and skincare respecting individual would…

Bundled up AND LEFT MY APARTMENT IN THAT BOSCIA BLACK MASK with some makeup remover wipes in tow for any remaining residue.


Seriously could not make this up if I tried…

DIVAlife. #Thestruggleisreal. And so is the payoff.


Lauren Cosenza - Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist

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