The Dish with DDR: Cool Beauty. Literally.

The Dish with DDR: Cool Beauty. Literally.

When the temperature reaches a high, cool down with these aaaah-mazingly refreshing, literally cool, healthy beauty finds!


1. Facial Towelettes, $15 for box of 12

Cleanse by Lauren Napier, celebrity makeup artist, are new individually packaged (to keep the freshness) facial cleansing wipes.  The soft and gentle towelette is a refreshing way to cleanse your face and wipe away any impurities. These wipes are great for all skin types and contain pure ingredients like water, aloe, chamolilla, cucumber, and (newbies to me) oat kernal extract and South African marshmallow root extract.  The oat kernal extract is rich in antioxidants and helps put moisture back into the skin and the marshmallow root is rich in Vitamin C, which helps reduce bacteria that cause nasty blemishes. I also love how convenient the tiny towelettes slip into any bag I wish to carry yet they’re large enough to cleanse my entire face with just one swipe. I like to keep these fresh face savers in my gym bag, carry-on travel bag, and beach bag for a quick refresher!

You can find these fab little wipes online at or in select stores in the NYC area (check out the site for a listing of stores).


2. Hair, Body and Face Mist, $7.95

It doesn’t get any fresher or more real than this folks. Straight from the farm. Straight from the Rocky Mountains state. I present to you Colorado Aromatics Toner/Hydrosol for your hair, body and face! The creator, Dr. Cindy Jones, is a herbalist, scientist and a skincare savant to say the least. Many of the herbs found in her skincare line are grown right on her Certified Naturally Grown farm. I love this! The mists come in six different refreshing scents like lemon balm, cucumber, rose, mint, lavender and Tulsi. The cucumber is a great choice for a hot day! The cooling scent can be used to de-frizz and soften up salty water hair after a beach outing or as a hydrating body and facial spray. I happen to LOVE lemons in any shape or form, so I will be using the lemon balm scent this summer to help calm any skin irritations after a day under the sun!

To get your hands on spritzer or other farm fresh skincare go to Colorado Aromatics.


3. Lip Treatment, $12

Coola is honestly, one of my go-to brands for organic sunscreen. I was introduced to it when I went on a fitness retreat last year in Southern California with my Tone It Up team and I haven’t wavered from the brand since! And I particularly favor the invigorating peppermint and soothing vanilla flavored lip treatment Liplux Organic SPF 15. It’s hydrating, moisturizing and water resistant. No harsh ingredients in here! Only the good stuff like, beeswax, sunflower oil, shea butter, coconut and avocado oil. Yummy-ness all over that pout!

To purchase anything from the Coola brand click here to find a location near you.

or_0KJ601_3004. Eye Roller, $25

I could not finish this post without mentioning one of my most beloved brands- Origins. Origins No Puffery Cooling Eye Roll On is a MUST for summer, and, well, any time of year actually. This little gem works wonders to de-puff those stubborn under eye bags while also brightening the sensitive area in the process with a cooling affect.

Find this bad boy at a Sephora near you or shop online at!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these healthy, cool beauty finds!


Thanks for checkin’ out The Dish with DDR!


This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. Samples were provided for review.

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  1. Cindy Jones

    Thanks for the review. I know your readers will love the hydrosols to use as facial hydrators.