DIVA DISH: April Showers Survival Guide

DIVA DISH: April Showers Survival Guide

They say you can wait for the storm to pass or learn to dance in the rain.

I say more options please.

Like a kickass umbrella, for starters.

Because rainy day survival is really about two things. The first is preparation: You have to have the umbrella on hand. The second is attitude: You have to love the umbrella so much that you welcome a rainy day just to bust it out.

Here are 5 that may or may not fit the bill for you…

1. The perfect umbrella for the millennial who just can’t believe Coachella is over. #tears #instamemories

2. The perfect umbrella for the tourist who goes from full stride to full stop on a busy NYC street. #nowyoucanstopthat 

3. The perfect umbrella for the grown woman who also has the matching panda tights. #doyou 

4. The perfect umbrella for the bombshell who just spent a pretty penny getting her hair done. #effthisrain

5. The perfect umbrella for the social media maven who texts in full emoji. #hashtagGORGE


So what do I use? Scroll up.

The perfect umbrella for a diva-slash-beauty-blogger-slash-makeup-artist is the now sold-out Felix Rey LOVE umbrella that has its own case that transforms into a tote. I live for that thing.

But of course, my real favorite umbrella should never be mistaken….


Note: Click on umbrellas for more info and/or to purchase. Click the cocktail umbrella to learn how to DIY fromTikkido.

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  1. Rose Cosenza

    My favorite is the subway one.  So useful!!

  2. 1s64c6tyn5njy

    My favorite is the subway one.  So useful!!