Diva Dish: DermaChromatic

Diva Dish: DermaChromatic

Every once in a while, something gets sent or emailed over to me that isn’t something I can test or something a regular contributor can test but is something someone HAS to test because if the press release and its accompanying before and after pics are accurate, it’s a potential game changer for the right candidate.

And that’s exactly how I ended up shooting a note to my friend Hillary to try PrecisionMD’s new anti-redness product DermaChromatic.

Because when you know someone with rosacea and how frustrating it can be, and then you see THESE PICS, you immediately want them to test it and be frustrated no more.

And then of course share it with the world as, according to PrecisionMD, 13 million suffer from redness.

With this product, great improvements are promised within two weeks. Plus, the formula with its exclusive copper-chlorophyllin complex also claims to reduce oiliness and the appearance of pores. More, DermaChromatic is marketed as a non-irritating, oil-free, fragrance-free and paraben-free gel that works well on all skin types.

So what did Hillary think??

Read on..

DIVAlicious: How long have you been using DermaChromatic?

Hillary: On and off for about 6 weeks. Regularly 3 weeks.

DIVAlicious: And how long until you noticed a difference?

Hillary: After approximately a week of daily use.

DIVAlicious: What changes did you see in your skin from the gel?

Hillary: Texture was the number one change I saw, as well as reduced pore size.  My skin was less patchy in the areas where my rosacea tends to flare. You still 100% need to apply your daily moisturize prior to application of DermaChromatic and give it a few minutes to absorb. I found if I was rushed in the morning and wanted to apply one on top of the other the DermaChromatic didn’t absorb as well.

DIVAlicious: Would you recommend the gel?

Hillary: Yes, I would recommend it to anyone who is experiencing redness or texture issues!  It’s not irritating at all, so even people with sensitive skin can use this product.

DIVAlicious: The product costs $49. Would you repurchase it?

Hillary: Yes. For me it would still have to be complementary to other treatments I do. For example, light treatments at the dermatologist. But I do think it’s a good overlay to a professional regimen. And for others who don’t have as extreme redness/rosacea as me, I think it would be a great product to use alone.

DIVAlicious: In terms of value, how long does one container last?

Hillary: That would depend on how much you use. I’ve been applying daily and a little goes a long way.  I have kept application mostly to the cheek area and a dab on forehead.  A nickel size is more than enough to cover that surface.

DIVAlicious: Will you need to keep using the gel once the redness is minimized?

Hillary: I think regardless of any treatment I use, I will never have wholly even-toned skin so I would continue to use this product especially since it works for me in-between light treatments which I generally do once every 3 months.

DIVAlicious: Any overall thoughts on DermaChromatic you want to share?

Hillary: I loved the feel of it – it’s soothing when you apply and is very lightweight. I was impressed with its efficacy. I’ve tried other topical redness or dark spot correctors in the past and haven’t had much success with them, especially with regards to texture. Redness alone can be covered up by makeup but if the skin’s texture isn’t smooth then even makeup can’t help the unevenness.  This product really smoothed out the scaly patches I experience on my cheeks.

DermaChromatic is available now at dermatologist and other aesthetic MD offices. For more information, visit www.precisionmdskin.com or call 1-888-423-5349.  

Note: A complimentary sample of DermaChromatic was sent to Hillary for the purposes of this review. All thoughts and opinions are unbiased and the tester’s own.


  1. farrah linden

    Great article! I trust you both : ) 

  2. 2lyyenyrwkl0u

    Great article! I trust you both : ) 

  3. 2vym90yvo4fbr

    This is such a helpful review – I am forwarding to my mom, who has rosacea and I’m sure will love this product.

  4. Lauren Cosenza

    Thanks Farrah!

    I really loved Hillary’s review because it was so thoughtful. It’s so true that redness alone is something that — like hyperpigmentation which I have! — you can cover with makeup. Achieving perfect skin is first about texture, then about tone.