DIVA DOES… the Mini Makeover on Mel

DIVA DOES… the Mini Makeover on Mel

Instabrows. Kylie Jenner lips. Clown contouring. Divas, the internets is CHOCK FULL of extreme beauty. And don’t get me wrong, I’m all for self-expression and experimentation. All. For. It.

But I also believe in simplicity and small tweaks to enhance natural beauty on the regular. Sure, you can pull out all the stops. But what if you don’t want to?

DIVAlicious contributor and team member Melanie lives for minimalist style. But she’s not mad at a touch of glamour here and there.

So I showed her a makeup look that would definitely be a departure from her normal – but wouldn’t feel inauthentic.

A mini makeover.

Because so much of badass beauty is the confidence that it looks amazing AND the certainty that it complements the vision you have of or want for yourself.

Here is Mel before a stitch of diva magic.

1 melanie mini makeover lashes

To keep it lush and natural, I used the Mehron Celebré Pro HD foundation palette to highlight and contour – verrry subtlety. I wanted to give a touch of definition via sculpting and also even out the skintone a bit.

I also added a cream, not powder, blush for a fresh finish. I used Rouge Bunny Rouge Blush Wand in Manet and did this step *before* setting the face with any powder. A lot of times, people tell me they have trouble with cream blush and I find they add it after dusting their face. This doesn’t allow for a smooth even application so keep like products together. A cream foundation and a cream blush work as a team. Dust later. (This principle applies to liquid and powder too – keep like with like.)

4 melanie mini makeover lashes foundation contour highlight 5 melanie mini makeover lashes cream blush 6 melanie mini makeover lashes face closeup 7 melanie mini makeover lashes face full

Now to cut shine and keep the placement of the blush, highlight and contour, I *lightly* swept on some Marc Jacobs #instamarc Light Filtering Contour Powder in Mirage.

Then I softly filled brows with Eylure Brow Palette in Dark Brown. When you want to look polished but not done, my reco is to keep the focus on the arch and the tail and leave the start of the brow natural. With this product, you can start with gel, then set with powder, then accentuate the brow bone with the light shade. It’s really all-in-one.

8 melanie mini makeover lashes contour highlight powder9 melanie mini makeover lashes brows 1

For a pop of some fun color while the sun is still shining down, I painted Mel’s lips in Maybelline Color Sensational Coral Crush – one my most fave shades EVAHHH.

10 melanie mini makeover lashes lips 1 11 melanie mini makeover lashes lips 2

Here she is looking all sorts of GORGE. PS, these photos are NOT photoshopped!

12 melanie mini makeover lashes face pre lashes 13 melanie mini makeover lashes pre lashes 2

Now in the spirit of showing how small beauty add-ons can make major (but not shocking) impact, we had to bring lashes into the look. HAD TO.

We went through several sets and decided on Eylure Enchanted Grace, which is described as “a longer length, textured lash for a cool, flirty look.” Yep, sold!

For lower lashes, we used Mattese #49, but really any natural, wispy, short lower lash pair would do. The goal here (with lower lashes) is to get the strip to line up right at the base of the lower lashline under your natural lashes.

To amplify upper and lower lashes, rim the tearline (above) and waterline (below) with your favorite longwear black eyeliner. This will hide the band of the fake lashes and also totally pop the eyes. This was truly the finishing touch of Mel’s look. Only thing left was to snap her after shots.

14 melanie makeover lashes 2 14 melanie mini makeover lashes 1 14 melanie mini makeover lashes final 1 15 melanie mini makeover  lashes final 2 17 melanie mini makeover final 4

And to bring us full circle, how about a side-by-side before & after?? Below is minimalist Mel as a barefaced beauty (left) and a simplistic stunner (right). melanie mini makeover before and afterLet us know your thoughts on #instabeauty as well as mini makeovers – and what you’d like to see us showcase in the future!!


Lauren Cosenza - Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist

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