DUDES DISH: Boston Strong

DUDES DISH: Boston Strong

The result of great tragedies is often unification. Watching the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, I saw everyday American citizens rushing to the side of those wounded. And contrary to the terrorists’ intention of destruction, we come together and emerge stronger – case in point, the National Anthem at the Boston Bruins v. Buffalo Sabres game. 

So this week I’d like to offer some suggestions on how to help raise up this amazing country we live in. Because giving back is forever in style. 

Even if you’re a Lakers or Yankee fan (I am guilty of both), stand strong with those afflicted by the Boston Marathon bombings. Rue La La is donating 100% of the net proceeds of this Honoring Boston tee to the Emergency Medicine Fund at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Only 3 in 100 Americans donate blood. But every pint donated can save three lives. Go to the Red Cross website to find your nearest blood drive. The needle isn’t so bad and it will give you an excuse to throw down a few sugar cookies after it’s all over.

You know what’s cool? Saving lives. Take some time out of your busy life to enroll in a CPR or first aid class. They may be skills you never hope to use but are priceless nonetheless.

A rising sea lifts all boats. For the majority of us life has been more good than bad, and I will bet we (myself included) have not given back as much as we should.  Rise up and register for NY Cares or your local volunteer organization.

How often do you look in your closet and find something you haven’t worn in years?  Chances are there is someone who could make much better use of your neglected goods.  Find a local clothes drive and add to someone else’s wardrobe for a change.