DUDES DISH: Fantasy Football Competitive Edge

DUDES DISH: Fantasy Football Competitive Edge

About this time of year, business starts losing hours of productivity during the day for one reason and one reason alone: Fantasy Football. 

Don’t try to tell me you’re not pouring over spreadsheets at this very moment trying to find discrepancies in player values in preparation for your draft.  Football is in the air and it does not matter if you are playing for $50 or $50k (you know who you are), your pride is on the line. 

To give you that extra edge, check out my rules and consider breaking out these draft night accessories.

1. Never let them see your eyes. Think of your fantasy draft as the World Series of Poker; there’s a reason so many of the guys at the final table wear shades. Do yourself a favor – grab a pair that doesn’t merely hide them but is also a distraction.

2. Dress like a champion. You can tell the caliber of a man and his intentions by his shoes. There’s a reason why Jordan wore red when everyone else sported black and white. My suggestion – follow his lead.

3. Watch the clock. Two hours may seem like a ton of time, but it goes by like lightning when you are picking in 45-second intervals. If you are going to be glancing down at your wrist at least 160 times, you better like what you’re looking at.

4. Stay organized. It no longer requires a trip back to 1999 for a legal pad and #2 pencil. There’s this wonderful thing called the iPad.  Pick up a sleek cover, upload your cheat sheets, and adjust as you go.

5. Chill out. Chances are you’re not going to get all the players you want. Keep cool. While everyone else is cracking PBRs and scrambling to adjust their rosters, you can casually sip your Lagavulin. Even if your whole season rests on your next pick, perception is reality.


 -Sr. Lettuce

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