I never really got into golf as a kid.  And that’s mostly because it was only later in life that I figured out golf was simply a medium that allows you to drink copious amounts of beer while smoking cigars on a Sunday. Making the entire experience even better is the fact that you are able to wear the most ridiculous outfits… that are not only socially acceptable, but also “fashionable” in the eyes of golf aficionados.

Well then – let’s tee up.

Here are my style suggestions for the last rounds of your summer…


Take liberty with your polo. You need the look of collared shirt. You want the feel of a tee. Why not also bring the vibe of a good time. Bingo.

Bring back the visor. Why? I’ll admit it. Wearing a hat destroys your hair. Problem solved with a visor. Get the shade of a brim while still keeping your ‘do intact.


Sweat out the competition. Whoever says playing golf isn’t one of the most physically challenging sports has never played ;) Make sure you have something to mop up that sweat while letting your competitors know you mean business.

Steal a page out of Grandpa’s playbook.  Short shorts are back, and why not bring them back for 18 holes of golf. Not only will you look good but you’ll also be getting some sun on those pale thighs.


Go knee deep. Socks should be as high as your knee and reminiscent of a Dr. Seuss book.  Even if you double bogey every hole you will still be #WINNING in the eyes of all on the green.

-Sr. Lettuce

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