DUDES DISH: Second Wind

DUDES DISH: Second Wind

About a month ago we were graciously sent a box of REvive for review.  The double shot is filled with 21 super fruits and promises increased focus, stamina, reinvigoration, revitalization, and replenishment among other things.  Being that it was Miss Divalicious’ birthday weekend, and knowing I would need any extra edge I could get to keep up; I ripped off the top of my first REvive and gulped it down. 

Initially I didn’t feel anything.  Not to worry, I found REvive is about the long run.  They are not interested in giving you the jitters associated with other drinks, but instead providing you with the ability to get through those long (and overly-indulgent) days.  What I found was I rebounded much better from the effects, ehem, of the weekend than others (you know who you are) and was ready for round 2 and 3 and 12.

I would definitely recommend REvive as a supplement any day.  Which got me thinking about the ideal time to take a range of energy products over the course of a long-slash-debaucherous day.

First thing after you get out of bed take a shot of REvive.  You are about to have a killer day and this will power you through it.  

After your morning shower, comes coffee.  There is nothing better to give you that AM jolt than coffee that has been cold brewed for 12 hours.

It’s now mid-day and that morning java is running thin.  Give yourself wings to get through the afternoon.

The day is winding down and the night has just begun.  Grab something that will give you energy now, and hours later.

You survived the day feeling pretty good, but have a Spartan Race coming up in a couple weeks. You need to get in a four-mile run and move some iron.  Take this 15 minutes before your workout.  They don’t call it Turbo for nothing.

-Sr. Lettuce

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Note: This post is not sponsored. Select samples were provided for review.

Disclaimer: Creative license applied in post. Products are not meant or advised to be taken together throughout a single day. Check ingredients and select those that are right for you.