DUDES DISH: Trekking

DUDES DISH: Trekking

Special shout-out to my good friends who just summited Mt. Kilimanjaro!!! A pretty fuckin awesome accomplishment, which inspired today’s post. Whether you are taking on the highest peak in Africa or, say, backpacking through India for six months (you know who you are) or just preparing for a hard hike – consider these must-haves…


First order of business: Footwear. Unless you’ve spent extended time in the circus and plan on walking on your hands, your feet should be cushioned like a trust fund baby.


Second. If you plan on venturing out farther than your evening jog, you will need a pack. For food, water, extra socks, your lifeline iPad… there’s GORUCK

Third. Make sure to bring a hat. One that will block sun, stop sweat from dripping in your eyes, and showcase your personality a bit. Just make sure the statement translates well to the local culture.


Forth. You may be surprised you can live without Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. What you can’t live without: agua. Crucial to any trek is a bottle that can take even swamp water and make it drinkable.


Finally. No matter where you’re going, you need a way back. Breitling makes the only watch equipped with a dual frequency locator beacon. Activate the transmitter and Breitling guarantees to extract you from anywhere in the world.  The Emergency II starts at $16K. Sure, it’s a little expensive for an adventure watch, but as they say, it’s a jungle out there.

-Sr. Lettuce

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