UNISEXXXY: A Hint of Tint

UNISEXXXY: A Hint of Tint

Love color, but not quite sure you’re ready for a permanent change? Sit tight… explore your beauty and have fun doing so!

Let me first say, looks can be deceiving! With my naturally chestnut-colored hair, I was a bit skeptical about this shocking brush-on color. But whereas the box depicts a much more vibrant hue, my application left a subtle coloring. I’d consider it a mere hint of tint. 
The dye is very easy to use. Just comb thru slightly gelled hair with the provided jumbo mascara wand applicator.
(Note: For more vibrant color, apply to clean dry hair and then give a spritz of hairspray to hold color.)
It’s fun getting to play your own hair-dresser and control the color saturation and tipped-style. You also choose when to flip the switch back to your daily look, requiring nothing more than a simple rinse to rid the product.
The same way a little water gets the dye out, I did wonder how it might hold up with perspiration or a rain shower. Maybe not best for that outdoor music festival after all?? 
But for $6 a tube and sold in a variety of colors, even neons, Splat Washables offer a fun outlet to spark creativity. Go on, color your aura – starting with what I consider to be a shy dye.  
And when you’re ready to go-all-the-way, consider one of their 11 complete hair color kits!
‘Til then, don’t act in haste, start with just a little taste.

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