DIVA DOES… Olay Ultra Moisture Videos

DIVA DOES… Olay Ultra Moisture Videos

Ooooh la la… my latest videos for OLAY! Because everyone wants to be “fashionably beautiful…”

Note: This post is not sponsored. Video series created through partnership with SELF magazine.


  1. 0bpl02uuy23l8

    I am buying this lotion now! I want that glowing smooth divalicious type of skin! 

  2. Lauren Cosenza

    Oh if you wanna be divalish, you betta stock up… ;) 

  3. 19ge0xsc5qp2r

    I already use this and can vouch it is fabulous! Especially for my desert parched skin here in Vegas!!!

  4. Lauren Cosenza

    hey d – i know you use a lot of lauder for face, but what else do you use for body in vegas? i imagine SPF daily?? oils? XOLC