You’ve Got The Cutest Little Baby Face (Wash)

You’ve Got The Cutest Little Baby Face (Wash)

Anyone who knows me knows that I am in a very serious relationship with a feisty mocha-skinned, espresso-eyed Chihuahua named Tony Che Montana.  Tony and I have been together for ten years, and in that time, we have built a relationship that can best be described as, well, codependent. We share everything: Baked chicken, grilled carrots and even a very comfy, slightly large Temperpedic bed.

We even share face wash.  

Let me explain.

One night, while listening to our song (Umbrella by Rihanna, natch)  I saw my beloved burst into tears during bath time thanks to a terribly strong doggie shampoo. I sat there, apologizing, vowing never to make him cry again. I looked around.  My Oil of Olay body wash was spectacular, sure,  but hardly Chihuahua-appropriate. “My poor baby!” I said with a kiss.

Ah, my baby.

As in baby shampoo.

No more tears. Literally.

One call (and verbal eye roll) from the vet and we were in the clear to make baby bubbles.  Fast-forward two days later and I reached for my face wash only to find that someone (me) forgot to refill.  Being that the only mask I will have on my face while sleeping is silk and covered in zebra print (thanks, LDiva), I reached for the J&J and hoped for the best.

Well, imagine my surprise when my makeup slipped off faster than Miley’s reputation on a VMA stage and I was left with a glow that I had not seen since I had seen Enrique Iglesias live.  Best of all, my skin felt…soft.

“Tony, you’re a genius!” I squealed. Not only was I thrilled it was twice the size of my standard wash, but it was under $5.00.  Hello! More chicken and carrots for the two of us.

Fast forward two weeks later and my skin was not only looking clearer, but those unsightly brown spots that were making my forehead look like a scene from Google Maps were all but gone.

I was thrilled and intrigued.

One evening, after our respective bath times, Tony and I hopped into bed and did a little research.  Turns out beauty gurus have been crying less for years.

Will I ever go back to the lush, expensive stuff?  Maybe. But right now, I am happy being a baby face.

– Brenda Della Casa

Brenda Della Casa is the author of Cinderella Was Liar, the Editor of Preston Bailey Designs, Founder of Walking Barefoot and a blogger for The Huffington Post.  She and her Chihuahua, Tony Montana, are now doing what they do every day: Plotting to rule the world.


  1. Rose Cosenza

    Great article!  I will follow your lead and buy J&J… and maybe a little chihuahua?

  2. Brenda Della Casa

    Thank you! You can borrow little T–He loves the ladies ;)