DUDES DISH: Surf Style

DUDES DISH: Surf Style

Hands down my favorite thing to do in the entire world is surf.  There is something about sitting out in the water waiting on the perfect wave while taking in the oceans endless beauty.  For those couple hours I honestly think I know what self-actualization feels like.

Beyond the feeling of inner peace, it’s also pretty damn cool to be able to surf.  As much as surfers get abused for smoking tons of pot and using words like Dude, Sweet, and Gnarly – everyone secretly wishes they had the ability to get up on that board and feel like Jesus for a few seconds.

My suggestion –unleash the surfer within.

Grab a pen and paper, I’m about to give some notes…

Step one – you need a board, and by that I do not mean the communal family boogie board.  You want to surf like a champion? Buy a champion’s board.  Al-Merrick has been doing it for a couple decades. Put the Flyer in your quiver.

As much as I like my Gucci loafers, Gucci board shorts do not belong near a surfboard.  Pick up a little retro style from Quicksilver, a veteran in the surf apparel game.

A true test of your surfing ability is being able to keep a hat on while out in the water.  Pick up a trucker cap from Billabong and add a little swag to your surf style. 

If you look at most surfers’ wrists, you’ll find bracelets accumulated from around the world.  Anchor yours with this leather piece from Miansai. 

Remember what happened when you were little and tried to run on a Slip n Slide? Bad things.  Envision the same for your surfboard without wax.  Pick up some Sex Wax for good grip. It’s, no doubt, “the best for your stick.”

-Sr. Lettuce

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  1. Lauren Cosenza

    Ooooh. LOVE the bracelet. Is it… #unisexxxy?? 

    Because I live for a rosegold anchor in these shades:

    Would totally stack ’em.

    Señor Lechuga – como se dice “arm party” ??!