InternDIVA: 7 Days 7 Ways (with LORAC afterGLO Eye Shadow Palette!!)

InternDIVA: 7 Days 7 Ways (with LORAC afterGLO Eye Shadow Palette!!)


In our dream makeup world, we would have every eye shadow color, every mascara, every eyeliner && every brand to create every makeup look imaginable.

Since we’re not unbelievably lucky, however, we don’t have all these things. (But if you do, I’m jealous!!) 

The truth is — we don’t need all these things. 

All we really need is a good eye shadow palette and a few of our favorite products. 

My go-to eye shadow palettes are the Naked Palettes. They’re great for golds, pinks, browns, purples and hues of this nature. But, they don’t really have any teals, light purples, greens, or whites.

SO, I gave the LORAC afterGLO Eye Shadow Palette a try! And I L O V E D the colors. 

Note: This palette was actually created for summer but we contend the shades work all-year-long. And it’s on sale now for $18 here.



I was very impressed by the pigment in the shadows. The colors built really easily on the eye and were very bright! They blended very easily and stayed on for hours without dulling. 

I decided, with a couple friends, to try to find a different way to use the palette for every day of the week! 

So here we go!!


Celebre Contour Palette (here)

LORAC afterGLO Eye Shadow Palette 

Maybelline’s Brow Drama eyebrow mascara (here)

Mineral Fusion’s Holiday Lip Tints Kit (three colors: Smolder, Flicker and Glisten only $19.99 at Whole Foods!) 

MONDAY: Lauren 


Monday’s are always rough! We wake up late, we’re doing our makeup before our morning coffee and we need something to brighten our tired eyes!

How to get the look:

Start by perfecting your skin with the Celebre Palette and your eyebrows with Maybelline’s Brow Drama (just comb right over your brows for a little extra tint). Cover your entire eye lid with the light gold color in the palette. Then, lightly blend the bronze color into the crease of your eye.


This is the base of your look! To add a little color to wake up your eyes, blend the purple shadow into your crease, painting across the entire bone very lightly. Add the same purple to your bottom lash line from the outer corner to the middle of your eye. Using the white shadow, rim the inner corner of your eye lightly to make your eyes appear bigger and more awake! 


Add some mascara && that’s it! Only a few simple steps before you’re out the door. Finish by using Mineral Fusion Lipstick in Glisten (pictured below left) and use a touch of the coral eyeshadow on your cheeks as blush! Have a happy Monday <3!!



By Tuesday, reality has hit you — the weekend is really over and your work (or school) week has actually begun (ugh!). Here’s a perfect weekday look! 

How to get the look:

To begin, perfect your skin with the Celebre Contour Palette (or any foundation you have!). Cover your entire lid with the light pink shade at the bottom of the LORAC Palette. Blend the coral shade into your creases. In the inner corner of your eyes add a touch of white eye shadow for some extra brightening. 

Add a little brown shadow to your bottom lash line (no need to wet it first) for a light, brown liner. Finish by adding mascara and Mineral Fusion Lipstick in Glisten.


Happy Wednesday DIVA’s!! Only two days left until the weekend (let’s go glass half full!) Anyways, something simple and fresh faced? I think so! 

How to get the look:

Begin by evening out your complexion with the Celebre Contour Palette! Cover your entire eye with the white eye shadow in the LORAC Palette and rim your creases with the light gold shade. Slightly darken this line with the bronze color in the palette. Finish by adding white in the inner corner of your eye and directly under your eyebrow. Add mascara and some Chapstick and that’s it! Fresh faced and ready to take on hump day!


Countdown to Friday: 1 DAY!!!!!!

You’re almost there DIVAs! This look is very similar to Wednesday’s, only a  little darker so that you can wear it from work out to dinner, a movie or whatever your almost-the-weekend-celebration entails. 

How to get the look:

Repeat all the steps from Wednesday! Only this time, add the dark brown color in the LORAC Palette to your creases. You can darken the shade as much as you want right before you leave work! 

Finish by adding mascara and maybe the Mineral Fusion Lipstick in Flicker

FRIDAY: Kelsey

The moment you’ve all been waiting for — THE WEEKEND! (dunh dunh duuuunhh!!)

Now that the work week is over, you can play with bolder, more intense looks! Everyone wants to stand out on the weekend! So here’s a quick easy look for Friday, whether you’re going for drinks with friends or out to dinner with the bf. 

How to get the look:

Start with your skin and brows, just like you did Monday – Thursday!! When that’s taken care of, cover your entire lid with the white eye shadow, all the way into the inner corners of your eyes.

Blend the gold shadow into your creases for a little shimmer, then line the creases with the coral shadow for a pop of color. On top of this, add the light teal color, going from the outer corner of your eye to about a pinky width before the inner corner of your eye. Darken this shade by adding the dark teal over your creases. Add a little extra white directly under your brow to accentuate the shape. 

Add mascara, use the the coral color as a blush, and finish with Mineral Fusion Lipstick in Flicker, and Voila!! Friday night makeup <3!

SATURDAY: Adriana 

SOO, maybe you’re a little hungover from last night? It’s okay, it happens to the best of us! You can fix this by contouring your eye with shadows! Here’s how to get the perfect Saturday night look to spice up your little black dress. 

How to get the look:

As always, begin with your skin and brows! When you’re done, cover your eyelids with the white shadow.

Make sure to build the color so that the white it very bright and stands out. First rim your creases with the light gold shadow and then darken this with the bronze color. Lightly add a little coral to your creases and then rim the entire line with the purple color. Add white to the inner corner of your eye and purple to the outer corner of your bottom lash. Wet an eyeliner brush and use the dark brown shadow as liner on both the top of your lash line and the lower corner of your bottom lash line. 

Accentuate your brow bone with some extra white shadow. Use a touch of coral shadow as blush, add mascara and finish with Mineral Fusion Lipstick in Flicker. Have an amazing night DIVA’s!! 

SUNDAY: Robin 

It’s time to recover from the last two days and get ready for Sunday night dinner with friends or family. Something simple and bronzy? YES please!

How to get the look: 

Start with (SURPRISE) your skin and brows! Cover your entire lid with the white shadow, including the inner corner of your eyes. Rim the brow bone with the gold shadow before blending in the light teal shadow in the same area. Wet an eyeliner brush and use the dark brown shadow to line both the top lash line and the outer corner of the bottom lash line! 

Add mascara and you’re good to go!! You can also add a little gold to the inner corner of your eye for some extra shimmer!

I hope you’ve all had an amazing week!! 

Let me see how you guys use the LORAC Palette throughout your week!

XO <3 Kelsey 

Insta: kaleiter

Twitter: @kelsey_leiter

Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. All photos are my own. Samples were provided for review.

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