InternDIVA: CND Vinylux Gilded Dreams Holiday 2014 Collection

InternDIVA: CND Vinylux Gilded Dreams Holiday 2014 Collection

Nothing drives me crazier than getting my nails done and discovering that they’ve chipped two days later. So when gel manicures came out, I was instantly addicted and I’ve never turned back. I get them done about every three weeks, which is perfect for me because I can’t stand when my nails look messy and gross. 

My mom once told me that your hands are the first to age, so take care of them! — And I have ever since.

The only irritating thing about gel manicures is that they’re sort of a pain to get off if you don’t feel like going to the salon. You have to heat up nail polish remover, soak them, scrape them, repeat, until they finally come off. 

CND Vinylux has come up with something of an alternative to this — their week-long-wear nail polishes

There are 76 fashionable shades to choose from that, when combined with their topcoat, should last a full week without chipping! 

This is a nice alternative to the three week nail color commitment that I make! You can pick and choose a different color every week if you want with no chipping until you do the next color! 

Their 2014 Holiday Gilded Dreams collection has three iridescent shades that will be cute for the holiday season: 

From left to right:

Grand Gala (#177)

Chiffon Twirl (#178)

Dazzling Dance (#179)

Each shade is only $9.99 here!

I decided to try out the color Grand Gala!

I’ve told you guys this before, but I typically go for really dark nail colors. I just don’t like when you can see through to your nail or see the white underneath when you use light shades. 

I was worried about this before I used Grand Gala on my friend, Adriana. She has really long, nice nails, with very white, thick tips. However, after only two layers, the color had completely covered her nail! — which is a w e s o m e ! 

The CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat went over the color very nicely and wasn’t too thick or gooey! 

I think the color would be great with a black dress for NYE, or with a trendy outfit for Thanksgiving Eve (did you know that’s one of the biggest bar nights of the year?!) 

So, try out one (or all!) of these fun colors and let me know what you pair them with!! 

Enjoy DIVA’s 

XO <3 Kels 

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Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. All photos are my own. Samples were provided for review.

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  1. Marlena Sirois

    I love shellac manis so I definitely need to try this polish!! So much easier and CHEAPER (#emphasisoncheaper)