InternDIVA: BeautiControl’s Got Us Covered

InternDIVA: BeautiControl’s Got Us Covered


I recently attend a breakfast where BeautiControl, an international beauty company, revealed its new cosmetics line. Now I’ll be frank, I had never heard of the brand before I stepped foot into the event – and I wasn’t the only one in the room who hadn’t. In fact, BeautiControl has been around for over three decades, and just recently, its re-branding efforts are finally showing off what they’ve been hiding. 

Dedicated to the motto, “Be you. Be beautiful”, BeautiControl’s philosophy speaks to all women everywhere regardless of age, skin type, and so on. The newly designed color collection translates this message through seven new products, all ranging from warm to cool tones, and including neutrals. I had absolutely no expectations, but seeing shades so friendly to an everyday look (which is totes my thing, minus the occasional dip into the vamp side) got me super excited to play with the take-away bag of goodies.

I brought the giftbag to LDiva‘s and we got right to work picking out products that we thought would make for an incredible “internship look” with the goal of creating work-appropriate makeup suited for young professionals. 

Our selects:

  • PURE TOUCH BLUSH in Plum & Apricot 
  • COLOR IMPACT EYESHADOW in Truffle & Mulberry

Here, LDiva started me off with a base of the (obviously) beloved YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation paired with a Clé de Peau Beauté concealer.



Now this, divas, was the best part of the makeup date… As soon as LDiva swiped my cheeks with the Pure Touch Blush, all I heard was a “Wow”. We both fell in love at first sight – every product was so beautifully pigmented and 100% blendable. From the silky-smooth blushes to the color-rich and velvety eyeshadows to the ultra-moisturizing lipstick, BeautiControl‘s new cosmetics line made our jaws drop. Where’d it been hiding all these years??!

What was supposed to be a clean, polished InternDIVA look suddenly turned into something so much more. AND WAY BETTER.

Ladies I present to you…the UNIVERSALLY FLATTERING MAKEUP LOOK! And by universally flattering, we mean we could take this look anywhere and everywhere.

To give you a sense of its limitless options, how about….

To a summer evening pool party

To a lounge sesh with friends over cocktails

To a GNO at the club

To the office

To a day party

…and last but not least, on a date to the Highline.



While it’s safe to say that my expectations for all of these products were definitely exceeded, there are a few favorites that I especially have to credit.

  • PURE TOUCH BLUSH – The colors Plum and Apricot together created such a gorgeous matte combo that actually lasted hours. Although I much prefer applying bronzer over blush everyday, whether for work, running errands, or going out, I definitely welcome slipping these two into my daily routine.
  • COLOR IMPACT SHADOW in TRUFFLE – Just like the finer things in life, BeautiControl’s version of Truffle really got me going. It was totally camera-friendly with the right amount of shimmer, and is suitable for just about any occasion. 
  • HYDRA BRILLIANCE LIP COLOR – I was honestly SO surprised at how creamy and moisture-rich this lippie’s formula was. It really reminded me of why I love my Rouge Ecstasy CC Lipstick by Giorgio Armani so much. I was also stoked off its packaging, which closes with no hassle thanks to a magnetic brim.
  • LIP PERFECTING PENCIL – Kudos to BeautiControl for the color selection on this product. I was super stoked when I received all three mauve/neutral shades in my goodie bag, which I obvi went to town with in my current attempt to achieve the Kylie Jenner lip. Additionally, its wind-up applicator is perfectly convenient for quick touch-ups. 

Ranging from $18-$25, BeautiControl launches its new cosmetics line this August directly on its home website. Definitely do not miss the opportunity to get your hands on these hidden gems!



Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. All photos are my own. Samples were provided for review. 


  1. 0l74c157n4yjg

    Amazing and affordable?! Definitely will have to check these out.. and I’m in LOVE with the blush combo on you!

  2. Melanie Ngo

    Amazing and affordable?! Definitely will have to check these out.. and I’m in LOVE with the blush combo on you!

  3. Jessica Angeles

    #Butactually you do! Wearing the blush combo as we speak!!! Such a win.