InternDIVA: Swim Week 2015 Green Liner Trend

InternDIVA: Swim Week 2015 Green Liner Trend

If there’s one thing from a beauty perspective that we absolutely can’t wait for when Fashion Weeks come around, it’s the ever-evolving makeup trends. Not only are we stoked because of the crazy, exotic looks that stand out on the runway, but also because here at the DIVAlicious Beauty Lab, we love showing that these looks are not just limited to the models that rock them. From the White Eyeliner trend to the metallic vision from Jill Stuart’s Spring 2014 show, LDiva shows that all (makeup) things are possible.

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Recently spotted at Miami Swim Week, Mara Hoffman’s Resort 2015 makeup was a look that you can actually wear to the pool yourself. On top of the softly teased curls and bronzed glowing complexion, lead makeup artist Sarah Lucero used Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Emerald on the outer half of the bottom eyelid to create the aesthetic of a bold jungle queen. TOTES Swim-Week-worthy.

So LDiva and I did our own softer version of the green liner trend with BeautiControl’s Color Impact Eyeshadow in Peacock. 

[LDIVA NOTE: for a stronger look, use gel or liquid liner and for a softer look, swap in a pencil or even shadow as we did here.]

Staying true to minimal makeup with maximum pop, we used MAC’s Mineralized Skin Finish Natural to give my cheeks a beachy glow plus patted on a clear lip conditioner. And VOILA! The DIVAlicious off-runway version of the Mara Hoffman Resort 2015 look was complete.

What I love most about this makeup trend is that it can be done in three easy steps (eyeliner, bronzer, lip balm) and experimented with bright colors other than green. It’s truly a pool-ready look – as in, the perfect balance for every diva who doesn’t want to wear a full face of makeup to the water yet is still hot and ready to mingle. LOVE!



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