InternDIVA: Does Bioré’s Don’t Be Dirty line

InternDIVA: Does Bioré’s Don’t Be Dirty line

Okay DIVAs, the time has finally come to talk about…skincare. My skin, your skin, we all skin && we all know how nice it is to have a clear complexion when we go to put on our makeup!

I feel like skin is a very sensitive topic, like having to shop for a new pair of jeans after your favorite ones for the last five years rip along your inseam or having to find a bathing suit in December for a holiday vacation when you have somehow managed to relocate the five pounds you lost over the summer (aka my life right now…good times!).

Everyone has their own issues with their skin, whether it’s acne or rosacea, dryness or extra oil, thinking you have too many freckles (me) or wishing you had more. For me, the biggest issue I have is the dry patches I get during the winter. My nose is currently peeling off, so my winter struggle has officially begun. Lucky me. 

I’ve never really had a regimented face washing routine. I’m pretty awful at doing things on a daily basis (I almost always mess up antibiotics, which I recently learned is really bad for you). Anyways, every winter I promise myself that I’ll finally find a routine and stick to it to combat my annual severely dry skin. 

I get patches on my nose, in between my eyes by my forehead and on my chin. So, when I’m trying out new facial washes I’m always really cautious not to use products that make my skin even more dry. 

I also am always looking to clean out my pores and shrink the ones on my nose. But then, aren’t we all?

So, for the last two weeks I have stuck to Bioré’s Don’t be Dirty face care line. The line includes 7 products, but I’m only going to talk about 4!!

Here’s what I’ve been using:

1. Self heating one-minute mask found here

This mask really d o e s instantly heat up when you apply it to your face. I mean the box says it does, but I was still somehow surprised! It feels amazing after a stressful day && you can increase the heat by mixing the mask with water. Towards the end of the minute the mask cools down and you know you can rinse it off. It’s suppose to purify 2.5X deeper! 

2. Deep pore charcoal cleanser found here

This cleanser is a dark grey color and smells a little funky, but it’s actually my favorite product in the line! I love masks that make your skin all tingly – it makes me feel like they’re working. I usually massage it in for about a minute and then wash. My skin always feels fresh and revived after I use it. Bioré says this cleanser penetrates 2X better, which is great!

3. Pore detoxifying foam cleanser found here: 

The cleanser is designed to clean and purify. Though it comes out of the bottle foamy, when you rub it between your hands with a little water it gets super foamy and spreads really easily over the entire face. A little definitely goes a long way! 

4. Deep cleansing pore strips found here: 

We’ve all seen the pictures of the gross strips filled with whatever gunk seems to build up in the pores on our noses. I was really excited to get one of those pictures but it didn’t really work for me. But, don’t give up on them just yet! They worked awesome on my housemate and we’ll get to that later!! 

The great thing is that all of the products in the line are between $5 to $8, so you’re not breaking the bank and if you end up not liking one of them or decide to try a different one, it’s no big deal! 

If you’re skeptical about buying them all, I’d start with the self heating one-minute mask and the deep pore charcoal cleanser. I really hadn’t heard of or used anything like them before and I really like them. The charcoal is suppose to act like a magnet to suck out the dirt and grime that builds up in our pores. I’m not a scientist, but I think this has to do with the tingly feeling they both give my skin that I mentioned before! 

If you’re really trying to target the pores on your nose, the deep cleansing pore strips will probably work great for you. I’m not really sure why, but both times I used them nothing came off on the strip. I asked my housemate to give one a try though and she had awesome results!

The picture of her after-strip is proof!

See all the yellow-ish stuff? That’s all hiding in your pores! It’s gross && amazing at the same time!

&& They’re really easy to use.

You just peel the plastic cover off the strip and apply evenly to the entire bottom half of your nose. Make sure you wet your nose first, or it won’t work correctly! The strip will gradually harden after about 15 minutes and then you can slowly pull from the outer corners of both nostrils towards the center of your nose. Take a peek at what’s now on your strip! 

Cool right?

Give the line a try and let me know what you think?!

And, if you have any other skin care products you’d like me to try, let me know!


XO <3 Kelsey 

Insta: kaleiter

Twitter: @kelsey_leiter

Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. All photos are my own. Samples were provided for review.


  1. Jessica Angeles

    LOVE this post! Such cute pix :) 

    QQ about this – I used to have a box of these in my cabinet all the time in my high school days, until I heard the rumor that they weren’t “good” for you to use because it opened your pores and therefore exposed them to more dirt. What do you think about that? Have you heard this through the grapevine too?

  2. Lauren Cosenza

    Hey Jess,

    My experience and understanding is the opposite – if you allow dirt and makeup and impurities to sit in the pores (like getting home at 4am and going to bed without washing off perfectly applied contour and highlight night after night), the pores over time become enlarged. It’s super important to clean the face and remove impurities from the pores (with cleansers or scrubs or pore strips or professional facials). Then make sure to keep skin clean and use gentle but quality skincare.

    Dirt and impurities will of course build up again, which is why a twice daily cleansing and skincare regime is so important.


  3. Trishorn Plummer

     I’ve heard that they’re bad for you, but not because their opening your pores, but because they take off a layer of your skin! After using the strips if you look closely you should be able to see that it does strip a tiny bit of your skin. I see it all the time when I use it but I continue to use it anyways because I hate the build up !

  4. Lauren Cosenza

    Hey ladies! 

    Figured I’d consult with our resident derm experts, The Derm Duo, on this one since spreading beauty myths or urban legends on the site without backup is never a great idea. 

    Here is their response:

    “As [we advise] about most potentially abrasive products to the skin, use in moderation. Just like exfoliators and masks, they are not to be used daily. It’s perfectly okay to use Biore strips “here and there”, monthly to start and work to every two weeks if really needed. The concern is irritation to the top layer of your skin. Biore strips will not shrink pores so it’s still important to use topicals that will help reduce the appearance of pores and decongest pores, such as retinols, retinoids and Glycolic acid.”


  5. Trishorn Plummer

    good to know!