InternDIVA: A Boost of Bronze + A Fiery Attitude

InternDIVA: A Boost of Bronze + A Fiery Attitude

With Summer coming to an end and bittersweet feelings rolling in for the Fall season, us divas are preparing not only for a change in temperature, but for a change in trends too. Whether you automatically know the drill when it comes to cold weather or not, there’s no harm in taking your normal beauty routine to the next level. Besides, what diva doesn’t want to take a ride on the wild side?

So I present to you two essential products for mastering the perfect Fall vamp look: Murad Absolute Bronzing Boost + Lancôme’s Rouge In Love Lipstick in Fiery Attitude.

Pure seduction.

Murad’s Absolute Bronzing Boost

When it comes to any liquid face product, I always remain skeptical. My biggest beauty no-no: Cake Face. You can imagine how inseparable I am with powder foundations. The same goes for bronzers. However, after recently testing Murad’s Absolute Bronzing Boost, I discovered that not every liquid formula is an enemy…



In a 1 fluid oz. bottle, this bronzer dispenses a good pea-sized amount after each pump. Depending on whether you plan on partial or full facial coverage, 4-6 pumps should do the trick. As seen in the picture above, the liquid appears to be an almost-intimidating orange-tan shade but actually turns into the perfect glow on skin. With an SPF of 15 and PA++ (a 2nd degree of protection from UVA rays), you’re also covered in the suncare department.

Application is smooth and easy (no expertise needed here!), making the product great for beauty beginners. You can use a brush (my preference) or just your fingertips.

For a liquid bronzer, the Bronzing Boost is very forgiving. Each layer of application looks and feels thin and weightless, which I absolutely LOVE. No Cake Face police necessary.

As for the color, it blends very well into skin, so for those who didn’t catch enough sun this summer or want to extend their golden glow into fall, behold your secret weapon. Thanks to the bronzer’s luminosity, it casts an unapologetic glow. (Dr. Murad must know a thing or two about flash photography and the importance of selfies!).

Last but not least, this product can double as an eye shadow for a bare and au naturale look in desperate times. I mean, every diva’s got to have a plan B, right?

Lancôme’s Rouge In Love Lipstick in Fiery Attitude

If you recall my recent review on the discovery of wearable purple lipstick, you won’t be surprised I wanted to explore deeper into the rich shade. This lipstick in particular might catch you off guard at first, but as they say – no risk, no reward!

When I first caught glimpse of this Rouge in Love, I couldn’t have been more excited to dive in and see how it would turn out. Nothing but all-out-glamour written all over it. Fiery, indeed.
Application for this bad boy was effortless; the lipstick glided right on. The formula felt 100% nourishing on my lips, like a lip balm but with a true, rich color. Even when the lipstick wore off, my lips were left with a silky and soft residue, only making me want to reapply again.
As for the finish, it’s perfect. You may or may not be aware of my lipgloss strike – but either way, I couldn’t love this lipstick’s happy medium between satin and matte any more than I do.
The only downside would be that it doesn’t last the full 6 hours as Lancôme claims. Realistically, it lasts about 3-4 hours before a second application is needed. But we can easily forgive Lancôme, given the lipstick’s other amazing perks.

Now let’s get down to color. As you can see, Fiery Attitude is a dark raspberry shade. It packs quite the punch. Something I totally dig.
With a boost of bronze and a fiery attitude there’s little more you need. No doubt I’ll be repeating this look well into the Fall season!
So ladies, zip on a black leather biker jacket and vamp up!

Note: This post is not sponsored. Select samples were provided for review.