InternDIVA: A candle for your thoughts!

InternDIVA: A candle for your thoughts!

SO, we have to take a minute to talk about Fleur’s latest collection of candles: the Blanc Collection and the Noir Collection. 

The candles come in beautiful boxes which explain the bee on each candle: “A symbol of the soul and renewal. Their golden honey, a sacred offering – a reminder to extract the sweetness from life.”  

How great is that? The candles can be a little daily reminder to extract the sweetness from life. I L O V E that!!

I had the privilege of testing (read: enjoying) the Blanc Collection (the white candle with the golden rose), which comes in two scents, Neroli and Vintage Gardenia. 

Fleur describe the Vintage Gardena candle as having “notes of lily of the valley layered with gardenia, citrus and whispers of ylang ylang to create a luminous yet gentle fragrance.”

The Neroli candle, which I tried, is described as a “delightful medley of orange blossom, freesia and neroli combined with petitgrain, lemon and musk.”

Which translated in layman’s terms means it is a light, floral, scent with hints of lemon and orange. I swear this candle smells a little different every time I light it! I can never quite understand everything I’m smelling no matter how many times I hold it up to my nose. 

This would be the perfect candle to light after a stressful day of work as you’re drawing a relaxing bubble bath. Walk into your apartment, toss off those heels that’ve been squeezing your toes all day and take a breath of fresh and scented air.  I promise your mood will change instantly! There’s no better feeling than a glass of wine, a bubble bath, and a beautiful candle…

You can treat yourself to this Fleur candle by clicking here!

Enjoy DIVAs!

-XO Kelsey 

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Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. All photos are my own. Samples were provided for review.

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    OOOO, sensual! LOVING the GIF!