InternDIVA: Gelish MINIs

InternDIVA: Gelish MINIs

There is nothing worse than finding wear and tear on recently manicured nails. I’ve noticed that within as little as 48 hours, my fresh mani is already disappointing me. From the color fading, to constant chipping, it’s almost as if I never even went to the salon. However, after testing out the new Rockin’ The Reef: a bright coral creme Gelish MINI, I can now say goodbye to mediocre manis forever!! The Gelish MINI Colors of Paradise Summer Color Collection was sent to the DIVAlicious office for review and it is perrrrrrrfect for this season. The collection consists of six limited-edition shades that are super cute and a flawless compliment to your bronzed complexion this summer! Each polish retails for $14.95 and can be found at Sally Beauty and at You can also request Gelish at your local nail spot.

DAY 1: Walking into the salon that day, I was confident my new MINI would not disappoint (and boy was I right)! The color was both bold and beautiful, not to mention super flattering to my skin tone. My nails felt stronger than ever and the shine the polish created was undeniable. Of course, it was only day one rocking this new shade, so the polish would truly be put to the test in days to come.

(Day 1)

DAY 4: Both friends and family couldn’t help but notice (*and love*) the eye-popping polish. My mom, my #1 supporter and harshest critic, will be the first person to let me know when something just does not look good, and even SHE loved the color (that’s when you know). I actually couldn’t believe how many compliments I had gotten on my mani during a family friend BBQ a few days after applying the polish.

(Day 4)

DAY 8: Along with channeling my inner-diva this summer, I have also been recruited by my Dad as the newest member of his construction crew (yes… I said construction). Between crawling underneath home additions and moving massive piles of wood, I was a little nervous about how my nails would hold up. With regular nail polish, I knew my manicure would be destroyed in a matter of minutes, but with this new Gelish polish, I was unsure. Working construction would truly put these nails to the test! And I am delighted to say this polish passed the test with FLYING colors! The polish remained strong, vibrant and literally not a scratch was to be found. 

(Day 8)

DAY 12: Approaching my 2-week mark, I was expecting at least one of my nails to have chipped or peeled. It’s almost amusing to me how awesome this polish was – not a single nick appeared on any one of my nails. Regardless of any activity I partook in, my nails held up amazingly and I really could not be happier with the Gelish MINI!

(Day 12)

This almighty vitamin enriched soak-off gel was nothing less than impressive. It was insanely durable, long-lasting and the vibrant color remained for 2 1/2 weeks (actually unreal)!! If I could give the Gelish MINIs a million stars, I would. The color, strength and hold of this polish will blow you away. Don’t underestimate the power of the mini!!


Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. Samples were sent for review.

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  1. Lauren Cosenza

    Ooooh… LOVE this polish on you and love this whole review – especially the mom stamp of approval, that is always MAJOR.