Lush Cosmetics Newbie? Here Are 5 Products You Need!

Lush Cosmetics Newbie? Here Are 5 Products You Need!

Even if you’re new to the cruelty-free and vegan beauty realm, you’re probably NOT entirely new to Lush Cosmetics, one of the biggest animal friendly companies around with some of the most amazing handmade cosmetics. I’ve been a loyal Lush user for over 10 years (ack!), and I’ve never been disappointed by one of their products. Somehow, I managed to narrow down my favorite items for the Lush novice. Here are The 5 Lush Items You Must Try; you won’t be sorry!


Rockstar Soap ($7.95): This is one of the first Lush products I bought, back in 2004! Yikes; it’s been a while, huh? This soap is a good, get-clean soap with a friendly scent of vanilla and Rockstar energy drink. It’s really delicious. This soap lathers like crazy and scrubs you down until you literally squeak. Both myself and my husband love this soap for summer months when you really need to feel fresh.

Bohemian Soap ($7.95): Bohemian is another favorite in our household. It’s key ingredient is Lemon Oil, so if you have oily skin or acne prone skin, I’ve found that this soap works well for clearing up body blemishes. Think about using this one right after the gym. Inside are chunks of coconut oil that hugs your skin as it cleans. This soap does not have a rich lather, but don’t think it’s not working overtime. However, if you’re a lather lady (or man), you might want to give this one as a gift! The holidays are coming.

Dragon’s Egg Bathbomb ($6.45): I am a bathaholic. I probably need an intervention. I’ve loved bath bombs for as long as I’ve been a Lush fan. They have great bombs for various needs (dry skin, sleepy time, relaxation), but this one is for a fun bath! Who doesn’t want to play in their bath? The Dragon’s Egg packs a citrusy, sherbet scent with some serious fizz. Your water will turn pink, orange, and yellow with a gold glitter core.

Let the Good Times Roll Cleanser ($12.95 & up): As a vegetarian anytime someone mentions polenta, I turn and look. Polenta is DELISH! But, I never thought about using it on my skin until last year when I got to sample Let the Good Times Roll during the Christmas season. This smells like cinnamon, buttery, creamy goodness and the exfoliants?? POPCORN! This exfoliating cleanser is gentle and perfect for dry winter or fall weather. I love how my skin feels polished and smooth. You can even rub this goodness on your body!

Dirty Springwash Shower Gel ($19.95): Last, but not least, the Lush Dirty line is really marketed towards the cruelty-free gents out there, but my husband knows I just HAVE to steal this from him. Think menthol, spearmint, and thyme oil that warms and cools you at the same time. I love using this for my sore muscles after a gym workout. This rinses clean and leaves your skin smelling fantastic.

Ready to dive in to the world of Lush? You might not want to leave!

— Christine

NOTE: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own.


  1. Lauren Cosenza

    OMG. Let The Good Times Roll is one of my FAVORITE Lush products — and beauty products period. I reviewed it a while back too! I’ll have to check out some of these others!! Love Lush! xoLC

  2. christinexcurls

    Me too, Lauren!! I was so happy they made it a year-round product!