InternDIVA: Neutrogena Clear Face Break-Out Free Liquid-Lotion Sunscreen (SPF 55)

InternDIVA: Neutrogena Clear Face Break-Out Free Liquid-Lotion Sunscreen (SPF 55)

Beauty confession time: I’m NOT a sunscreen girl. Cue the gasps.

I dislike the strong coconut scent most products have. Pina colada was not meant for the face. I also dislike how such products tend to transform my already pale face to a stark white – can you say Casper the Friendly Ghost? The humidity of the summers here in New York don’t help much either. Why slather on sunscreen when it melts off in five minutes?

Another beauty confession time: I don’t moisturize regularly. Cue more gasps.

I have extreme combo-skin…but the oilier parts of my face tend to breakout way too easily. I was never willing to add fuel to the fire. In fact, toners were the only face products I was willing to apply. Nice and cool on the skin – a refreshing touch to a freshly cleansed face. No need for more. 

Yes, people warned me that my poor habits now would create trouble later on: a lack of SPF would cause more wrinkles, a lack of moisturizing would actually cause more acne, not taking proper care of my skin would cause all sorts of serious problems as I aged. But I didn’t want to sacrifice my comfort. I was happy with my overly simplistic beauty routine.

Then came Neutrogena’s Clear Face Break-Out Free Liquid-Lotion Sunscreen (SPF 55). 

It was everything I could hope for in a sunscreen. It was light. It didn’t have a strong scent. And it was BREAK-OUT FREE.

Plus, I trust Neutrogena’s acne-geared products due to my previous experience with their Oil-Free Cleansing Wipes and their Oil-Free Acne Wash (in Pink Grapefruit, to satisfy my inner girly girl – I swear she’s in there!). 

Neutrogena’s Clear Face Break-Out Free Liquid-Lotion Sunscreen (SPF 55) was everything I didn’t know I was looking for AND came with the perk of a super-high SPF.

I no longer have any excuses for not putting on sunscreen… Guess taking care of my skin isn’t so bad!

Note: This post is not sponsored. Samples were provided for review.


  1. Lauren Cosenza


    If there was ONE thing I could tell my younger self above all other things (relationships, career, etc) it would be to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or above on my face every single day year-round. Which I do now. 

    I grew up using Bain de Soleil gelees and tanning oils, totally ignorant to what we know today about the dangers of the sun. It is my biggest beauty regret, which I am reminded of every time I see the hyperpigmentation on my cheeks.

    Take care of your beautiful young skin now!! You will be SO happy you did later. Trust me!


  2. Jessica Angeles

    Now that everyone’s talking about how CRUCIAL daily moisturizers fused with sunscreen are, I’ve been dying to find the best one out there. They can get pricey, and I’m not usually the type to continue buying every one out there on the shelf until I find my perfect match. The SPF in this moisturizer is super high, and I, too, trust Neutrogena’s products as well. Def need to snag myself a bottle of this one!!