SPONSORED: Mary Kay Makeover, Oooh La La

SPONSORED: Mary Kay Makeover, Oooh La La


I was recently selected as a Condé Nast Influencer to test out a holiday look compliments of Mary Kay and as any product junkie would, I oohed and aahed over the incredible assortment I was shipped. A box brimming with beauty, all perfectly packaged and winking at me. 

Of the three looks that appeared in the December issues of SELF, Glamour and Allure, I was sent Screen Siren and had some fun reinterpretting the look as one suited for an up and coming starlet. 


Using the products above, I created the look below.


Continue on to see exactly how I did it….


  1. I conditioned my lips with Time Wise Age-Fighting Lip Primer. This is a critical step for a bold lip, preventing feathering and bleeding and also creating a smooth supple canvas for lipcolor. I did this as a first step so the product penetrated while I worked on my eyes.
  2. I primed my eyelids with Mary Kay Eye Primer. Not only did this help the shadow last longer, it also allowed for truer color payoff and in this case a brighter metallic finish.
  3. I patted Cream Eye Color in Apricot Twist with my finger from lashline to crease. Easy breezy.
  4. I tapped the middle shade of Mary Kay at Play On the Horizon eyeshadow trio on top of the cream shadow to intensify it.
  5. I also used this middle shade to highlight my face, running it down the bridge of my nose and on top of my cupid’s bow. Pretty pretty!!
  6. I added the darkest shade of Mary Kay at Play On the Horizon eyeshadow trio to the outer corner and crease of my eye and blended.
  7. Then I blended some more.
  8. I glided Mary Kay Eyeliner in Deep Brown along my upper lashline starting at the center towards the outer corner and then extending up and out for a subtle cat-eye.
  9. I ran the same eyeliner in my lower waterline.
  10. I conditioned my lashes with Mary Kay Lash Primer.
  11. Then coated them with Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara in I ♥ Black.
  12. I mixed two blush shades — MaryKay Mineral Cheek Color in Sparkling Cider and Shy Blush — to create the perfect natural flush and swept it over my cheeks.  (LOVED this product and it’s adorable compact that also stashes the lipstick!)
  13. I loaded the True Dimensions Lipstick in Mystic Plum onto the Mary Kay concealer brush (I’m a big fan of concealer brushes for precise lip application) and pressed on the color. 
  14. To lock the color in place (another pro trick!!), I sealed the lipstick by using the third shade in the eyeshadow trio, which was a nice color match for the lipstick.
  15. Finally, I let my hair down, turned the music up and got ready for the Digital Evolution holiday party at Goldbar.


Screen siren makeup deserves screen siren wardrobe, don’t you think?

I pulled out this black crop top with holographic type from Forever 21 and paired it with an Isabel Marant for H&M silver foil wrap skirt plus some bedazzled earrings and a metallic wrap bracelet.

Mission accomplished.



NOTE: This post is sponsored. All products were provided by Mary Kay and can be found HERE on marykay.com.

Product shots: Lauren Cosenza

Beauty shots: Jessica Angeles


  1. Suzanne Cosenza

    LOVE the look!

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    LOVE the look!

  3. Rose Cosenza

    You took the screen siren to another level!  Love it!!

  4. 1s64c6tyn5njy

    You took the screen siren to another level!  Love it!!

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    Love it Miss Diva!

  6. Jessica Angeles

    Such a fun post! SO GORG! <333333

  7. 0a3l6uptlztd7

    Such a fun post! SO GORG! <333333

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    Absolutely fabulous!

  9. Lauren Cosenza

    Thank you!!

    And for those of you who like your beauty in reverse, Intern Jess and I created this fun video for Instagram…