Y Gallery Salon Hair Makeover: Summer-Friendly Tresses

Y Gallery Salon Hair Makeover: Summer-Friendly Tresses


Photos by David Frasquillo

It’s that time of year. Everyone (including me!) is getting their hair beautified for the summer season.

Whether it’s a short cut to help keep the heat off, or bright highlights to get that golden-goddess effect, most of us like to freshen up our locks during the spring-summer transition (and hey, why not!?).

I decided to get a dramatic new look (dramatic for me anyway).

Yaniv, master hair stylist at Y Gallery Salon, and I agreed it was time to chop off my split ends, add moisture to my tresses and play with a different style. In this case, I went much shorter. I also paired my new cut with highlights and lowlights to add dimension and lighten my hair. Plus Yaniv even topped off the look with some fun, bouncy waves.



Yaniv began by mixing two colors to create the highlight and one color for the lowlight. The tones were then applied to my hair based on the shape of my head.



My hair was washed with ECRU Luxe Treatment Shampoo and Protective Silk ConditionerLakme shine gloss was added after the highlights and shampoo, and rinsed with conditioner. A warm towel was then placed over my head for the conditioning treatment. Yaniv said the gloss brings moisture back to the hair, closes the cuticles and brings the pH level back to its natural state.



Yaniv began by cutting several inches of length off my hair to remove weight, and then snipped away to create subtle layers for a bouncy shoulder-length style.

Blow Dry

Yaniv began blow drying my hair, then sprayed ECRU Volumizing Silk Mist to the roots to give it body. He began lifting, pulling and scrunching as he continued to dry each section of hair – prepping it for the voluminous look that followed.


Yaniv lightly snipped away pieces of hair to further shape the cut. He then curled my hair section by section with a one and a half inch curling iron. The strands were curled up midway to give the hair more of a natural wave. Once the whole head was curled, Yaniv combed through from root to tip to create tousled waves with tons of body (a look I rarely create myself!).


“We created very natural highlights that complement your skin tone and eye color,” Yaniv said. “The cut has very natural movement to the hair that fits to the body structure and to the face shape. Every cut and color is different for each person – creating an individual look. Each look is a work of art.”

I definitely agree with Yaniv. My hair is now free of split ends and much healthier. Having shorter hair and natural-looking highlights is already a fun change for the summertime!

For This Look:

Haircut: $175
Highlights: $300

For a full list of prices, visit Y Gallery Salon’s website.

– Michelle Weiss

Note: This post is not sponsored. Service was provided complimentary for review.


  1. Lauren Cosenza

    LOVE this beach bombshell look, Michelle!!! So pretty pretty!!!! XOLC

  2. Michelle Weiss

    Thank you! Very different from my usual straight locks but I love it :)

  3. Michelle Weiss

    He did suggest I use the ECRU products (which I now love), specifically the one for keeping moisture in the hair. I’ll have to find out the exact name. How’s the Garnier product working for you?

  4. Lauren Cosenza

    It’s helping! I’ve always had super-shiny healthy hair, so this new texture took me a few attempts to nail down a reparative solution… But I love the color. Maybe I need a glaze…

    Will report back in a few weeks!! XOLC