The Lettuces: Just Keep Swimming

The Lettuces: Just Keep Swimming

Not long ago, this set of photos is one I would have deleted. NEVER dreamt of posting.

If you’re close to me, you know!

Here we have an unflattering angle… the double chin(s)… the awkward strained neck to avoid double chin(s)… the neck folds from awkward positioning… the no makeup minus gloss, iridescent cheek gel and leftover mascara… the shapeless belly from lying back down… the half closed blinking eyes…

But we also have a little boy who LOVES his mama as a mermaid!!!

And loves his little sister in mama’s big belly. 💙

This was such a happy fun cuddle session. He was so sweet and cute and just HIM. And that fills me with such radiant joyful pure love. Makes me want to lock in these moments. Share that feeling. Spread the love. And redefine what is truly beautiful to me these days.

Truth is, what we’ve always known — “beauty is an inside job.”

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