The Lettuces: Mother of Lettuce

The Lettuces: Mother of Lettuce

 NOTE: This post was originally published on Instagram. I am reposting and backdating it here as part of a historical series in order to preserve these meaningful memories and early motherhood thoughts and experiences in a way that is not tied to any social media platform. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for some time. As we formally shelter in place in NYC, this project brings me happiness and a welcome break from the news. 🖤

Mother of Lettuce.


Yesterday our Shake Shack x Game of Thrones collaboration went nationwide!!! Featuring @senorlechugahotsauce .002 chipotle salt reapers, our hot sauce is the 💥FIRE💥 in the GoT Fiery Burger!!

This is Shake Shack’s biggest collaboration. Ever.

We got to visit two official thrones (the Dragonstone Throne and the Iron Throne) and take #babylettuce along for the ride.

As a working mom – slash work from home mom – slash professional juggler and full time “balancing” act, it’s never easy. But Javi was awesome all day – minus a very mini meltdown right before naptime – and so I was super proud of both him and Nico! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

And while it’s not simple to navigate what’s really a work/life blend (never a true balance), in these moments it’s off-the-charts rewarding.


Our world is anything but ordinary, but we weren’t put here to follow rules or conventions.

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Originally posted on April 13, 2019

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