UNISEXXXY: Cleavage not Crew

UNISEXXXY: Cleavage not Crew

Crew necks are great…for under dress shirts and in the cooler months. But, it’s summer! Bring on the heat and cut the neckline.

Yes! V-neck tees are absolutely PERF for all! All people…and all occasions. A.K.A. they are UNISEXXXY!

Take a look at LDiva and I sportin’ American Apparel. Six different color v-necks to be exact, in pairings of slight color variation and comparable bottoms to match. (Priced at $21-24 each with select styles on sale for $8, yes, 8 dollars.)

1. All American Girl Meets Boy

To wear a flag? Maybe during the world cup. To wear your country’s colors, whenever? Approved! Go vibrant or muted… cuz they’re both hot.

2. Fitted for Fitness

On workout days, we wear pink (and purple). Let the sweat, not your fashion sense, be the evidence of your workout. 

3. Dressed to a T

If you have something to attend after a day in a suit or business attire, this is the perfect swap to maintain your swag. A pair of fitted pants or cute culottes with your fitted V is all you need to stay on point with dress code. (Add a blazer or moto jacket for those chilly end of summer nights.)

Whether deep or standard cut, sheer or solid, dress-up or dress-down…the colored V is your summer go-to. Plus, stocking your wardrobe with some V’s is truly practical for all-year use. #WINNING

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