UNISEXXXY: Am I smoking?

UNISEXXXY: Am I smoking?

As we all know, the trend and subsequent controversy of e-cigarettes hit the country and international markets by storm. Even here in New York City, they have recently been banned. Well, divas and divos, make way for the e-cigar.

Will true cigar smokers, and I do mean the ones who sit in smokey cigar bars all over the city, be so quick to accept and pick up the latest in e-smoking? The jury’s still out…

Over the years, whether you personally smoke tobacco products or not, we’ve all seen them used in mainstream media, movies, fashion, and advertisements as a means of looking “cool.” And in more recent years, they have been strongly linked to cancer, premature aging and an overall unhealthy lifestyle. Yet despite the obvious health risks, cigarettes and cigars remain a fixture of pop culture. 
Though I’m not a smoker myself, every once in awhile I do enjoy a puff on a cigarette or cigar, mainly for aesthetic. Not being a smoker, I do find some cigars to be a bit harsh though. Well…’til the e-cigarillo. Ladies and Gents, enter E-voke
Brilliant! The perfect combo of tobacco and technology.
E-voke offers a soft blend electronic cigarillo so I find it to be less intense. You do not need a lighter, which I don’t carry since I am not a regular smoker. If you only want a few puffs, you can pack it up and save it for later (so economical!). There’s no bad breath or smelly fingers situation. You don’t have to go in search of some subterranean cigar bar with your great uncle and hope not to breathe in second-hand smoke (or have to get your clothes dry-cleaned after). And…it comes in an array of flavors. I personally love raspberry truffle and citrus berry.
So… let’s recap…. fun flavors, no lingering odors, and you can look cool. I give it two enthusiastic thumbs up, Ebert style. 
Personal Philosophy…if you smoke anything, be smart about it. Be you.

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