UNISEXXXY: Everyone can use a little AA

UNISEXXXY: Everyone can use a little AA


This 3/4-sleeve knit cover-up is one of the purchases I made to add to my Summer Collection. It’s the perfect throw-over for a cool summer night or a sunset at the beach. It’s from American Apparel and is simply PERF for anyone and everyone. Styling the look along with LDiva, you can see it’s equally flattering on HIM & HER.

I paired it with a striped tank and distressed denim shorts while LD’s rocking it over her white one-piece.

What I love about American Apparel is they offer unisex(xx) fashion … appealing to both men and women, at a very affordable cost for the quality.

Always living for the moment, but thinking of the future, I tend to plan ahead… So, for this particular purchase I also look forward to its extended use.

Picture this: Leaves falling. September walks in the park. Me and this balloon-sleeve cardigan over a light button down and some vintage denim.


For under $40, I am covered (literally) for at least the next 6 months, and I have a good feeling it will carry me through the whole year.

Loves it!!


UNISEXXXY: universal beauty fashion design lifestyle

UNISEXXX™: a label stripped of all labels




  1. Lauren Cosenza

    Great find, babes. But what do you picture ME wearing it with for Fall?!? ;)



    Well LC, you know how I think in 3’s (hence the 3X’s in UNISEXXX); so I’m going to suggest 3 options for ya. How about these…

    1. Pair of shorts, blouse, some high heels 

    2. Add over a Semi-Summery dress

    3. Paired with some cigarette-style cropped pants and a halter 

    Since the weather starts to break, I’d choose based on occassion plus mother nature.