UNISEXXXY: Hair Care Share

UNISEXXXY: Hair Care Share

Do girls run the world? Whether or not you agree with Beyonce… I know this much is true:

Mother Nature does!

We have no control over herbut we must alter our habits accordingly. Whether its the way we dress or how we care for ourselves, it is she who essentially has the power. So we abide.

And when it comes to hair, consistent weather fluctuations and more frequent cold fronts bring on dryness easily. Knowing we must infuse moisture to counterbalance the forecast, I rotate use of the following fab hair products:

OLEA | E SERUM ($45)

An absolute fave! I use it almost everyday in the morning, post shower, when my hair is damp after being towel dried. One pump of this hair serum coats with enough moisture to tackle whatever the day may bring. The arabic secret of this Vitamin E/olive-oil combo shields my hair from the pollution of New York City, and the dry, dull tendencies the cold brings. Plus, it gives my hair a lustrous shine that lasts all day!

Rain: crude macademia nut oil ($4.40)

About 2-3 times/week, I include this one in my ‘getting ready for bed’ routine. Organically infused with enriching nutrients and proteins, it adds thickness and a hint of that silky smooth texture. And can you really beat the price?! Go ahead, trust me on this one, put down the cookie and get your macadamia nut fix with Rain oil! Now that I’ve tried it, I can’t live without it.

L’Anza Keratin Healing Oil ($44 on Ammon Carver)

After attending the much anticipated Ammon Carver studio opening, in conjunction with L’Anza haircare, in Chelsea NYC, I couldn’t wait to test the new and hyped-up keratin healing oil haircare line. We aren’t immune to everyday stresses and the toll they take on our body. Allow yourself some therapy treatment. I’ve been using this product 1-2 times/week on dampened hair and it has added strength and a soft elasticity from the roots to the ends. If you need something desperately, I predict fast (and noticeable) results with this one.

Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil (under $10)

I’m a fan of coconut anything! And most definitely when it comes to my beauty regimen. Leaves skin AND hair feeling smoother. Silky. And soft. PERF to keep on hand as your multi-purpose go-to. 

VITAMAN styling cream ($32, but only $25 at Barney’s)

From its scent to its lightness in hold, this product is a great styling tool for the majority. Gives both sexes a fuller, more polished look. For straight or curly, long or short! Topped with vanilla bean scent, this highly emollient styling cream is a top winter recommendation (or possible holiday present) this year!

And BONUS… get blown away with Jose Eber’s professional infrared blowdryer.


Powered at 1800 – 2000 watts, dual voltage, it’s perfect for traveling anywhere in the world. And designed to warm hair from the inside out, it reduces heat damage and split ends.

So I say…#longhairdontcare…but then again, I really do care. And now you know the products I suggest.

Sung to the tune of Disney’s Frozen, I say Let it growwwww, let it growww!. But think #unisexxxy in the process.

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  1. Lauren Cosenza

    Thanks for sharing your faves, PC!

    I got stuck on a shoot and missed the Ammon Carver event. How was the rest of the L’Anza haircare line?? Was this one really the star product?



    I am really impressed wth the L’anza keratin healing oil products line. And so I recommend use of any. I’ve used the shampoo & conditioner, which are lightweight, and very moisturizing. 

    I’m a big fan of using different oils in my hair, and even for my skin, hence which I gravitate to. But I will say, the lustrous finishing spray is my next favorite. This is a must-try! I’m cautious with using hairspray because I find many to be drying, but this one adds shine, volume, and doesn’t stiffen like most. Highly recommend for the all-natural.