UNISEXXXY: The Jean Jacket

UNISEXXXY: The Jean Jacket

Denim is a staple of every closet. And it goes further than just your jeans, hats and overalls (yes, they’re hot)…

Reintroducing the jean jacket.

Regardless of age or gender, who doesn’t love the universal ruggedness of a jean jacket?!

And so, just to show how versatile and fun they are, I asked LC to come over and play dress-up…

…turned dance party! #typical. 

The proof is in the proofs. 

Above photos: Kelsey Leiter

Now I bring the spotlight to three of the most well-known classics in denim. 5 unisex looks per brand. Can you really tell the gender on these faceless pics?


Simple. Rugged. Relaxed. That’s what you find with this old time fave. 

Old Navy

Durable. Practical. Affordable. Not a new kid on the block, but still fresh on style and unbeatable on value.


The brand’s appeal has reached body and even kids, yet a best-seller still remains the jean jacket.

Go on, layer up in some #unisexxxy this Fall. Jeans on Jeans on Jeans. The magic is in the mix-and-match!

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Photo: Kelsey Leiter