Why must an abode be humble?? I recommend a little attention and a lot of love!
It doesn’t matter how big or how small your home is, there are always ways to sprinkle in style.
Gearing you up for undeniable home-chic, I suggest ten decor essentials everyone should consider.
1. Lighting fixtures ($130 – $300)  Once a fan of the track lighting, and while I sometimes still feel it is more practical, I also suggest pinpointing areas you want to bring attention to and then adding one of these beautiful, unique pendants to softly drop from the ceiling. It will draw the attention just where you want it.  For the kitchen island, try two or four. In the living room corner, in lieu of a table lamp. Be creative and get your mix and match on.

2. Room Scents  Burning candles is aromatic, calming and brings you to a balanced equilibrium. Candles are always a UNISEXXX-approved accent for any and every room! Look for unique packaging and a variety of shapes and sizes. I suggest Anthropologie for basic candles ($12-$20 on average). For a more woodsy and earthy option, I also suggest Archipelago reed diffusers ($30-$48) or mist sprays ($7). 

3. Decorative Pillows ($30-$60)  We decorate our living room, bedroom and the rest of our home to showcase personality. And one’s personality comes through in personal touches. A perfect complement to the basics on your bed and couch is the decorative throw pill. Grab one or two to pop the color palette in the room. Just another way to seal the deal of cozy comfort and define your home’s aura.
4. Rugs  When it comes to the floor, I suggest covering only a portion. Wall-to-wall carpeting belongs in the basement of a country house. A rug will bring some warmth and charm to the room, but if it’s TOO large, it can also be a bit suffocating and stuffy. Rule of thumb, cover the width of a couch. For the bedroom, this depends more on the size of the room itself and the other furniture occupying it. For the bathroom, it’s nice to have something under your feet when you visit any of the porcelain fixtures (catch the drift). Again, less is more!
5. On-the-Wall ($40-$150 on average) or Off-the-Wall ($40-$90 on average) Art  Wherever it is, it is, but it MUST be there. Art is one of the wonders of ambiance. It sets the tone in your home, as limitless emotion exudes from a single piece…and that energy pours into its surrounding. Now that you’ve cleared the lamps off the end tables, I suggest adding a beautiful sculpture. One that represents love, success, hope or strength. Canvas also suits any style. A small, intricate, beautifully painted canvas or an elaborate abstract will tie all the colors in your room together. 
6. Mirror Mirror.. ($60-$220)  Pick the one that’s prettiest for your wall. Regardless of style, a mirror will bring light and space to any room. They bring a sort of natural radiance and brighten up the area. Oh, and who doesn’t want to check themselves out from time-to-time? 
7. Bedding ($70-$130)  Another one I am not particularly a fan of…the bed in a bag. Chic begins with a statement duvet in the bedroom. Find sheets of 500-thread count (or higher) to match. The more detail on the duvet means the less detail on your sheets … don’t go with overly busy and clashing patterns. Not cute!
8. Stemware ($25-$30 for a set of 4 or 5)  No one is saying you need to fill the China closet, but whether you cook a meal for yourself or have guests over, pouring your wine in an actual wine glass is mandatory. Serve up style…in an affordable way! Look for reasonable prices on sets or use coupons and discounts.
9. Curtains ($40-$120)  I suggest sheer with a clear liner for bathrooms so regardless of the color you choose, your bathroom is bound to feel that much larger! For bedrooms and elsewhere, I again suggest a sheer option with an additional one or more solid or patterned panel(s).
10. Wireless Beats (From left to right: BEM $69.99 TEGO $89.99 Beats Pill  $199.95 BOSE $199.95 Jambox $179.99 mini)  Silence the noise of the day. Leave work drama at work. Turn up your tunes. With simple bluetooth connectivity, set the mood the second you walk in your home with the song you need to hear and connect to.
So remember this… whether you are single or married, a construction worker or a CEO…you owe it to yourself to be welcomed by the personal touches in your home. These 10 simple suggestions apply to anyone, at any stage, with any style.

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